The Link Between Organic Click-Through Rate and SEO

From the name itself, you can tell immediately that click-through rate is all about page clicks. To be specific, click-through rate (or CTR) refers to the number of times a user clicks a specific search result. As per Google, click-through is the number of clicks that a website link or ad receives.

The organic click-through rate.

When a website receives natural click from the user, this automatically becomes an organic CTR. In other words, there was no one who influenced the user. He started from scratch and asked the help of a search engine like Google. When he starts browsing for answers in the search results page, he will click on the link that he thinks is best. This process of looking for answers in Google is what is considered an organic click-through rate.

Why is CTR important?

If you browsed through the Google help page I linked earlier, you will know that the CTR is Google’s way to measure how your web page links and ads are doing in the search results page. Each page in your website will have their own CTR gauge.

A high click-through rate would mean that the users find the listed search result to be useful and appropriate. So, if a page gets more clicks, it would mean that they keywords used garnered positive response. If not, you can always look for other keywords. This is why you need to find the relevant keywords that are suitable to your business.

Remember, Google is always after the happiness of the users. By measuring the click-through rate, Google will know if a particular search result satisfies the users’ needs.  After all, Google just wants the best results for all its users. They will aim to get the most applicable, relevant, and favorable information for its users.

As a website owner, you can do the same and use the click-through rate in knowing which keywords rank well. Check out (link) to know more helpful CTR tips.

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Identify the right keywords.

In gaining a higher CTR, the first step is to identify the keywords. More than anything else, it’s the keywords that have a crucial role. The chosen keywords should be significant to your website. At this point, doing a keyword research will extremely helpful.

To help you know what people are searching, you can do it manually and perform a Google search. Type in a keyword and check what Google is suggestion. Then, you will know the top keywords. Other than that, you can also automate it and use the different keyword research tools you can find online.

Provide a general overview.

Once a website is displayed on the search results page, you would want for users to click your link. To ensure that yours get instantly clicked, follow these guidelines:

  • Products: If you are selling products online, your potential customers would want to the customer ratings and reviews, the product picture, and the price.
  • Businesses: For actual businesses, users would want to know the exact location. Be sure to provide a map so that potential customers would know where to go.
  • Restaurants: For food places, the users would want to know the type of cuisine, the business hours, the location, and the price range.

Remember, these are only some of the basic guidelines. Hence, it is better that you do your own research and look into similar websites. Study direct competitors and observe how they do their website links and ads in Google.