Tips on How to Do Content Marketing for Your Local Business

When it comes to local SEO, content marketing is a critical component. Through written content, you can optimize local keywords so your website will be associated with a specific location. As much as it sounds intimidating, there are simple ways that you can do to get started.

Content marketing is applicable across niches and industries. Through well-written content and winning strategies, you can use your pages to drive traffic to your business and increase your sales.

For starters, here are some practical ways to start content marketing:

Use schema markups

Schema markups are special codes that you need to add on your pages. This makes the content of your website more crawlable. With this, search engines will give your website a better ranking single, thus a higher position in the search engine.

Schema markups are also a great way to increase your pages’ click-through rates.

Consider participating in local events

You can also join local events to increase the community’s awareness of your brand. You can join charity work, drives, and awards. Consequently, you should write about these events.

Being a sponsor or a benefactor for these events are easy ways to gain strong backlinks for your content.

Write guest posts for local websites

If you have the time, you can write guest posts and submit it to local publications. Each city or municipality has at least one business review website. You can submit your entries to them and hope that it gets published. Usually, these local sites will feature businesses in the area, which increases the chance of your business being seen.

Tap media opportunities

For small businesses, local news and publications are free platforms for content marketing. Again, you can write guest posts or be interviewed. Just make sure that the platform is relevant to your niche and your target market.

Since you may not have the budget for paid PR, this is the closest you can get.

Talk about local events and activities

To boost your business’ presence in the community, write about local events and activities. Other websites will surely link back to your website. Aside from that, you can keep your audience abreast of what’s happening in the locality.

Remember not to be salesy or your audience will start to question your motives.

Optimize with local keywords

Above all, make sure that you optimize your content with local keywords. You should pick those that your customers have been searching for like “best XYZ near me” or “best XYZ in Palm Beach”. These local keywords will also tell search engines that your website should be attributed to a specific location instead of showing it at a national level.

Discuss what your customers are going through

Most of all, be human by addressing your customers’ dilemmas. If you have a blog page, you can talk about a specific case and offer a solution. Aside from selling your service, giving sensible information will keep your audience coming back to your website. In the future, they may purchase your service or product.