Top SEO Strategies for 2018

2017 is drawing to a close, and there are many things that we need to leave behind in our lives as we welcome the coming year. One of them should be the SEO blunders that we have made in the past. But mistakes happen to everyone, and the most important thing is to learn and grow from them and focus on the things that we can do to improve traffic and search engine rankings. As an early Christmas treat, here are some of the effective strategies that you can employ in your SEO campaign so you can open 2018 with the best SEO blast.

1.) Make Your Site Fast and Mobile Friendly

Providing quality user experience is important if you want Google and other search engines to rank your site better. With that being said, remove any and all unnecessary information on your website, and your visitors will surely be pleased with lightning quick loading pages. And because more and more people are going mobile today, it would also help if you design your site to be mobile friendly. Do these little tweaks, and you will surely find your site in better search engine ranking positions.

2.) Proper Keyword Integration

Any and all pages on your website should be tailored to something specific and a single SEO keyword. In building the content and message of your every webpage, the SEO keywords should be the central theme. So you can bring up your keywords more than once naturally, try creating longer content. Google and other search engines will penalize your website if it feels that you are overstuffing keywords or failing to offer value to visitors.

3.) Create Lots of High-Quality Content

Google loves websites that provide fresh content on a regular basis. But to establish your authority and keep your visitors from leaving your site after a short glance, your content should also be of high quality. High-quality content on your website and shared online will help search engines notice your brand, identify its relevance to users, and rank your website better as a result. With better rankings and quality content that will keep your visitors attached to your website, achieving your business goals online would be easy.

4.) Visual Appeal is Crucial

Visual appeal is becoming crucial in today’s digital age which means integrating SEO optimized images needs to be treated with utmost importance. You may have images in your site but if they are not properly optimized and if they look irritating to the eyes, then you will actually be doing more harm than good. Integrate appealing images that help make the user experience better overall. But don’t put too much images on your website as it may affect the speed of your website. Also, put associated texts on your images so Google can recognize their relevance. Improving the look of your site may not feel like it increases your rankings, but remember that bounce rate is a ranking factor. And the uglier your website, the higher your bounce rate.

5.) Social Media

Many SEO experts are still not completely sure on whether Social Media has any connection with search engine rankings. However, everyone would agree that establishing a solid Social Media presence can help your website a lot in terms of traffic and relevance. Social Media is also a powerful tool in building your brand and authority to an online populace whose internet use has become synonymous with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.


We’re here to help you improve your rankings in 2018. Get in touch for more information on our SEO service.