Use your corporate history to create new blog content


Everyone is looking for more blog content. But more blog content doesn’t have to be new content. If your company has been around a long time, longer than your website, then you probably have a deluge of old press releases and product launches that are just waiting to be brought back to life.

“Does this risk incurring the wrath of Google?” I hear you ask. The good news is that as long as you are honest, it shouldn’t matter. The trick is to accurately timestamp your post using the original date. While you can’t reposition old content as new content, there is nothing wrong with posting old content as old content. And it still has tons of positive benefits.


Nothing is off limits

If you are thinking about using this strategy, there is no content that is off limits. Seriously, old press releases, articles, product news, anything can be added just as long as you timestamp it accurately.


Make sure you use Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re in any doubt about accurately time stamping your content, Google Webmasters Tools is essential. By using Google Webmaster Tools you can teach Google to parse your content accurately. Never assume that Google will do what you want without telling it exactly what you want to do. By using Google Webmaster Tools you can ensure that Google recognizes when your content was published and how it should be crawled.


You’ll help Google fill in its history

Google doesn’t like having gaps in its history and by adding in old content you will help fill in any voids that it has. Even if you are filling in voids before the World Wide Web was created, Google will appreciate it. Even previously published web content should be re-posted. The Wayback Machine is a great source of old content that is no longer published. By scouring through it, finding relevant content from your previous websites and re-uploading it, Google will start sending you more traffic. Once again, just make sure that you correctly timestamp your post.


It will make your site so much deeper

Most company websites are superficial. This is especially true of the websites of companies that have been in existence for several decades. So much of the company’s history is not online. But that can change. By re-posting old content you’ll be able to make your website much, much deeper to the point where it accurately reflects your company’s history. Again, by adding more content and making your site much, much deeper than it actually is, Google should give you a slight ranking boost.


Hire a team if you’re serious

If you are serious about adding your old content to your website, you’re going to want to hire a team to take care of it. Finding, adding and timestamping old content can be incredibly time-consuming. That’s why you’ll want to get a team of interns on board to get the job done efficiently and effectively.