How to Use Hashtags in Promoting Your Website

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  • Before, the pound sign is just another symbol. Now, it’s widely used in creating hashtags on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and most especially on Twitter highlighting the trending topics online.
  • The truth is that hashtags are NOT just talking about a certain topic in pop culture. A hashtag may also help you to promote your website and its content.


  • Before we dig deeper, let us start by discussing the significance of a hashtag. In this day and age of the rampant use of social media, we can say that hashtags have helped in making posts, activities, topics more visible and more accessible to online users despite geographic differences.
  • Since a hashtag is a symbol we affix to a topic that we want to emphasize, or to a topic that we want to reach thousands or even millions of people both locally and internationally, it has been a great promotional tool for content creators to promote their websites or contents.
  • It is basically just typing a hash symbol preceding the topic of choice, and that’s basically it. When online users search for that same hashtag, or even a related topic, your content will be categorized as one of the possible choices, allowing other users to easily see your work.
  • Thus, increasing the chances for others to click on your website and read its contents. In simpler terms, it works like an online filter, which organizes posts for the convenience of the online users. Let’s admit that there are millions of content published each day whether it’s on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and etc. But there are a few pointers that we need to know before we start promoting online.


  • It is important to remember that in using a hashtag in a general sense, especially for promotional purposes, that the characters preceded by the hash symbol should not be separated by a space, there should be no spaces in between those letters or words.
  • It is also important to remember that your chosen hashtags should be related to whatever it is your publishing. Of course, it is common knowledge to use a hashtag that relates to the content that you want to promote. You cannot just use a hashtag that has nothing to do with your content because that will mislead the users. They will not trust you if they will found out that you used a popular hashtag just for promotion.
  • Also, using long hashtags can be a disadvantage because using hashtags that are way too long are not too memorable to online users. That is mainly because, it can sometimes be tiring and hard to remember long phrases so as much as you can use as little words to make it easier for the users to join in.


These are only some of the most relevant things you need to know about hashtags. It’s the new way to promote your website and its contents. Hashtags help you boost your social media engagement. It also helps you promote your contents in the most modern and convenient method.