Scottsdale SEO – Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions (Part 1)

Now that people are on your landing page, what do you want them to do?

Now that people are on your landing page, what do you want them to do?

Adding a video on your landing page could help gain more conversions. If you don’t see its potential, then, maybe you are doing it wrong.  Your video might be TOO long or it’s not in the right place. Worse, it has no CTA buttons for your users to take action. Let me help you in improving your landing page by putting videos.


  • When someone arrives on your landing page, that person probably is showing interest with your product. Catch their attention by informing them about your products. This is your chance now that to educate your web visitors.
  • So, what should you include on this video presentation? Make sure the content is direct to the point. You don’t have all day to explain the positive points of your products.  The video should deliver its message in less than a minute. It should be able to answer these questions:
    • Who are you? What do you do?
    • How are you different from the other products in the market?
    • What makes you stand out? What makes you unique?
    • How you can help solve a particular problem?
  • The challenge now is to formulate a way to include those important points in an unconventional and interesting manner. Keep the video length as short as possible. Don’t bother adding fillers or fluff to your presentation. It’s there to be straightforward and to offer help. Being long and repetitious will just drive away people from your landing page.


  • A video is there to fulfill a goal. Don’t squeeze in too many goals in one informative video. Ask yourself on what you want the users to do the moment they “land” on your landing page.  Is it to buy? Is it to sign up on your website? Is it to get their email address?
  • Define the goal of the video using this guideline:
    • Do you want people to purchase on the landing page?
    • Do you want them to fill up a form?
    • Do you want them to try an app on their phone or download it for desktop?
    • Do you want them to share the website to their friends?


  • Don’t make the web visitors scroll for that educational video. It’s there to help others. Therefore, put it on an area that everyone can notice it without the need to scroll.  When the video is visible to everyone, the conversion rate will increase by at least 15%.
  • To highlight it more, why not dim the background when the user starts playing it? This way, you are sure that their eyes are on the video. When you have their undivided attention, conversion is slightly higher. From only 15%, it’s now up to 20%!


  • Of course, an informative video is helpful to anyone interested on your products. However, your efforts are all useless without a clear CTA button. Like what we discussed earlier, what is your purpose?
  • If you want them to subscribe your email list, put a “Subscribe Now” button. Do you want them to download an app? Provide the download links for both Android and Apple devices.