Web Design Changes to Help You Increase Ad Revenues

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There has been reports of the decrease of use of advertising.

But is it really dead because of the emergence of all these other promotional methods? Well, the answer is not really. It is not totally the end of the advertising industry.


  • The number of advertisements increase (resulting in more ads competing for user attention) and attention spans decrease (people just won’t bother responding to ads!)
  • Most experts began to declare advertising dead, yet FACEBOOK reported a massive $8.6 billion in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone. This number was an improvement from the their figures in 2015.

There is hope for the decreasing ad revenues because here are a few tips to help you to get back in the game:


    One of the reasons why banner ads fail is because of a phenomenon called BANNER BLINDNESS. It happens when website visitors ignore banner-like information. While website advertisements have evolved through the years, banner blindness is still rampant. Now why do people ignore banners? Our attention span is limited. If we need to take into consideration everything we see and hear, we would go crazy from all the information we encounter. As web designers, you need to create ads that attract people. Of course, visitors won’t notice poorly designed ads. People won’t click and waste their time on something dull and uninteresting.


    Aside from banner blindness, another phenomenon you should take note is SENSORY ADAPTATION. This another hindrance that keeps your website viewers away from seeing your banner ads. What is SENSORY ADAPTATION then? It is a phenomenon where people get used to things. Our bodies adapt well to the surroundings. Any stimuli that trigger our senses will eventually will not bother us. Our bodies get used to the annoying ads that we just ignore it. This could be the reason why website visitors won’t respond to any ads displayed. For example, when you browse a website that has a dominant BLUE color scheme, any ads with a similar code will just be ignored. The ad will blend well to the website’s color scheme. At first, of course, you will notice it but eventually, like a chameleon, it go unnoticed and invisible at first glance. Sensory adaptation can be other things too and not just limited to the color of your ads or your website. The point here is that there hindrances so you need to design ads that will definitely standout. Consider the overall design of your website and the number of ads you will publish on your website.


    It’s impossible for someone NOT to have a mobile phone. It’s basically the most important essential in every person’s bag. People won’t go anywhere without their phone which is why it is imperative that you should focus on optimizing your mobile ads. Ads should automatically adjust to whatever phone model your website visitors are using.

You see, if you pay more attention to details, it is impossible to fail. It’s in the little things! All you have to do is follow these guidelines to bring your ad revenue to the top.