Why Your Website Needs a CTA

Moving your business online is one of the best ways to have a wider customer reach. Almost everyone in the world right now with a mobile phone relies on the Internet for pretty much everything. They go online to look for information, businesses, product reviews, etc. Yet, not all websites get to be visited. Most of the time, people only click those websites who are in the top position of search results. That is why it is important for business owners to not only own a website, but to learn how to optimize it as well. And as most of you may have heard, the best way to do this is through SEO.

But before you get any other ideas; we are not here to talk about SEO. Some business owners, even with well-designed websites, still find some problems with converting visitors to customers. If you came here with the same problem, then you may not have heard of or created a Call To Action. Have you ever noticed how even with a large number of visitors on your website; you still fail to get purchases? Are your conversion rates lower than anticipated? Are your sales still down? If so, then maybe it’s time for you to get a CTA button.

So what exactly is CTA?

CTA, which stands for Call to Action, is an instruction found on websites that tells potential customers what they should do next. Usually, these buttons include verbs such as “click”, “call”, “register”, “log in”, “chat”, “buy”. So just like what CTA means, it encourages your visitors to take a certain action; which then turns them into potential customers.

Why use CTAs?

Having CTA buttons on your website, especially if you are selling products and/or services, are necessary for two reasons:

  • Increase User Interaction – CTA buttons are effective ways to grab your visitors’ attention. They are there to present an action for your visitors’ to take. This makes it easier for them to engage and interact with your website. They won’t have to worry about looking for ways to reach you since the buttons now give them direct access to you.
  • Drive Sales – Ultimately, what the CTA buttons do is drive a sale in some way. The call to action basically directs your visitors to follow a certain goal. This may be signing up for email subscriptions, sign-ups, and sales. In one way or another, the buttons influence your visitors to immediately take action. Soon after will you generate conversion rates.

How to effectively use CTA

While CTA buttons work well for your site’s conversion rates, having them thrown around and placed sloppily would unfortunately not live up to their best function. To effectively use them, below are the three things you need to consider:

  • Make your text clear and straight to the point.
  • Find the perfect place for your CTA buttons. (For this, you may have to try trial and error. Find the place where your potential customers are most likely to click)
  • Make your CTA buttons visible and visually appealing

If you need help converting more users into customers, get in touch to book a free consultation today.