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Scottsdale Web Design

Building a website that attracts customers and drives revenue is one of the most important aspects of any business. This is a two-fold process because not only must you design and build a quality website but your potential customers must be able to readily find it.

At Linkhelpers, our Scottsdale web design experts understand that your website is a virtual storefront that must offer customers what they’re looking for. Your web design should pique customer curiosity, motivate them to make a purchase, and offer them useful information that keeps them coming back. Your web design must also be attractive, modern, and functional across all platforms and browsers.

Once your website is complete, our Scottsdale SEO experts will render it highly visible on the internet. Every day, potential customers in Scottsdale are searching for goods and services that you offer. If they can’t find you, why bother even building a website? Our Scottsdale SEO experts stay abreast of the most current technological trends to ensure your website attracts customers and dominates your competition.

Let’s take a closer look at our Scottsdale SEO and web design techniques.

Scottsdale web design that reinforces your business image

While there are many technical considerations that accompany Scottsdale web design, it’s also important to acknowledge that a website is your most valuable marketing tool. Think of a website as a virtual store. How do you arrange the elements in your virtual store to effectively attract customers, keep them shopping, and encourage them to return?

Design elements like color, layout, fonts, and photos all play a role but the best website designs dive much deeper into the psychology of the user. For example, you may offer a variety of different products or services. If you only have a single home page as your website’s point of entry, how can you greet different customers with the exact product they’re looking for?

To meet this challenge, our Scottsdale web design team can develop multiple landing pages that are optimized for highly specific searches. For example, if your auto shop does oil changes and tire repair, you can have one landing page for each. When users searching for these services land on your site, they are greeted with exactly what they are looking for.

Our Scottsdale web design team is comprised of highly specialized professionals who ensure every aspect of your website is the best it can be. We employ web designers with extensive experience, professional writers who understand SEO, and highly skilled marketers who know how to attract customers and close a sale.

Your website will be attractive, easy to navigate, and operational across all platforms and browsers. In other words, you will have a high-quality virtual storefront that generates sales and drives your bottom line.

Scottsdale SEO that makes your website dominate the competition

Nowhere is more competitive than the internet marketplace. Your competitors are always looking for an edge to drive more traffic to their website and increase their conversion rates. What are you doing to keep up?

Scottsdale SEO

At Linkhelpers, we evolve as technology evolves. Organic SEO ranking used to be our primary focus but times have changed. Some businesses may still benefit from organic search engine ranking, but Google Maps is now often the primary search result listing. Google recognizes that Maps offers a host of useful features for consumers that include:

  • Comprehensive information that helps users make decisions
  • Customer reviews
  • Pictures
  • Phone number of business
  • Company website link
  • Dominate view on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Shows users their proximity to the business
  • Handy sort filters that allow users to customize their search

You can think of Google Maps as a consumer filter. It distills your businesses information into its most useful parts. Obviously, if your business ranks high on the Google Maps listing, you will attract more traffic to your website. Our Scottsdale web design experts understand how important it is to rank on Google Maps, so let’s explore some SEO techniques that drive your Maps ranking.

Scottsdale SEO topics – The most important information to offer Google users

It’s up to you to provide Google with all of the information it desires to satisfy search engine user’s demands. If you neglect to add any key information, your competitors will have a distinct edge. The most important SEO topics to include in your Scottsdale web design include:

  • Business listings (Google calls them Citations). This is primary driver in Maps rankings.
  • Business name
  • Business categories
  • Labels
  • Services
  • Attributes
  • Description

Our Scottsdale SEO specialists first help build out your list of Google Citations. Because this is the primary driver to Google Maps’ success, it’s important to ensure that this process is fluid and organic.

Many of our Scottsdale SEO customers ask us about the importance of customer reviews. While they do not help or hinder your Google Maps ranking, they do often help clients reach decisions. We encourage business owners to seek out positive reviews from happy clients. While this isn’t always easy, there are some effective methods that motivate customers to write business reviews available online. Take a look below for a few useful tips from our Scottsdale SEO gurus.

Another important consideration is that a user’s geographic location will often play a significant role in what business show up on their results page. However, businesses with a large number of Citations will show up on the results page even if they are far away from the user. This Google Maps attribute can be used to great advantage if you’re trying to attract local business.

Another benefit of Citations is that they also boost your website’s organic ranking. This is especially beneficial to a variety of specialized businesses in Scottsdale and around the country.

User reviews and your Scottsdale SEO strategy

Getting customers to leave reviews is difficult, even when they are perfectly satisfied with your service or product. We’ve found that it’s far easier to get a customer to leave a Google review if you provide them with a shortened link sent via cellphone text. Bitly is well known for creating shortened links but we developed our own proprietary service called Linkhlp.us as a more useful alternative. Here’s why.

  • Google reviews are the only thing that matters to Google. Third-party review sites have no relevance.
  • To leave a Google review, you must be logged into Google.
  • Most people aren’t logged into Google on their desktops, so sending the link in an email may have little to no merit.
  • Most people also don’t know their password.
  • Users with Android phones are already logged into Google Chrome.
  • Emails frequently get lost or sent to folders seldom checked by users.
  • People are glued to their cell phones and will definitely see your text.
  • Apple is dumping the Safari browser in favor of Google Chrome for iPhones.
  • We provide the short links needed to help our clients get reviews.

Reviews aren’t the end-all of your Scottsdale SEO strategy but consumers use them to make decisions. If you offer quality service and merchandise that makes consumers happy, you should leverage your success into quality reviews that draw other consumers to your business. Our Scottsdale SEO experts can help.

Getting an accurate view of your current Google Maps Ranking

Do you know how to determine your current ranking on Google Maps? Follow these three simple steps to find out.

  • Make sure you are logged off of Google Chrome. If you’re logged into Chrome, your listings will appear as local rankings and you see false positives.
  • Use the Incognito window so cookies are not tracked.
  • Use the Google locale tool at http:www.isearchfrom.com to see where you really rank.

Now that you know where your business ranks on Google Maps, would you like to rank higher? Would you like potential customers to see your business front-and-center so that you can drive your bottom line and watch your business grow? We can help.

Reviews aren’t the end-all of your Scottsdale SEO strategy but consumers use them to make decisions. If you offer quality service and merchandise that makes consumers happy, you should leverage your success into quality reviews that draw other consumers to your business. Our Scottsdale SEO experts can help.

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Your website is your most valuable marketing tool, so why not get the most out of it with help from the Linkhelpers team. With experts help, your website will be a quality virtual storefront that generates sales and bolsters your company’s online identity.

We will weave your SEO into the very fabric of your website, ensuring that your website is highly visible and remains visible whenever Google does an update or alters its search engine algorithms. This is vitally important and its why we’ve been helping clients achieve online success since the days before Google even existed.

Check out our user reviews and see for yourself what we can do for you. We understand that your website should drive your bottom line, not the other way around. Get the most out of your marketing dollar with a comprehensive web design and SEO strategy that withstands the test of time and makes you a leader in your industry.

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Reviews aren’t the end-all of your Scottsdale SEO strategy but consumers use them to make decisions. If you offer quality service and merchandise that makes consumers happy, you should leverage your success into quality reviews that draw other consumers to your business. Our Scottsdale SEO experts can help.

Scottsdale is just 19miles east of Phoenix. Both cities are part of the Greater Phoenix Area. Being a popular desert city, Scottsdale is famous for its vast desertscape of ridges and trails. The first stop when you are in the city is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This wildlife and nature park is located at 18333 N. Thompson Peak Parkway.

In here, you can explore trails either on a mountain bike or a jeep. With more than 30,000 acres of land area, there are 5 main trailheads found within the premises of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve namely: Gateway Trailhead, Lost Dog Wash Trailhead, Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, Sunrise Trailhead, and Granite Mountain Trailhead.

Another prominent structure in Scottsdale is the Taliesin West. It is the former studio and home of the architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. He was able to design over 1,000 structures and the Taliesin West became the headquarters of The School of Architecture at Taliesin.

The Taliesin West welcomes everyone who wants to explore the 620-acre property.  There are public tours since listed under U.S. National Register of Historic Places and the U.S. National Historic Landmark. Just this year, the Taliesin West was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In their 2019 roster, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Scottsdale property ranked 43rd.

Seven other Frank Lloyd Wright structures were also added to the UNESCO World Heritage List such as the Unity Temple, the Frederick C. Robie House, Taliesin (Wisconsin), Hollyhock House, Fallingwater, the Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

If you want to travel back in time and experience the original, then head to Old Town Scottsdale. It’s just on the Main Street, and you will see numerous sights and landmarks. There are things to do like exploring Old Town Scottsdale, experiencing the culture through Arizona Food Tours, and watching special entertainment shows.

The great thing about the Old Town Scottsdale is that it is near to almost everything. Whether you want to visit resorts, museums, and even the Arizona State University, it is all within reach. You can go visit Entertainment District by watching live entertainment and art shows.If shopping is your hobby, then go to the Scottsdale Fashion Square and buy some Wild West souvenirs and jewelries.

Perhaps, you just want to relax and unwind.Well, that’s very doable. Rent a trolley see what the Old Town Scottsdale has to offer firsthand. There are alsovarious golf courses and ball fields for the sports enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that Scottsdale’s economy is powered by its tourism industry. In fact, 39% of the Scottsdale’s workforce are under the tourism sector.

In 2005 alone, there are more than 7.5 million people who visited Scottsdale, and these flock of people were able to bring in a total of $3.1 billion to the city. Did you know that Scottsdale has over 70 resorts and hotels? That’s more than 15,000 hotel rooms to choose from if ever you decide to take a vacation in Scottsdale.

In terms of resorts and other amenities, both Scottsdale (Arizona) and Atlanta (Georgia) ranked 4th among the cities in the US. The top three cities with the most number of Five-Diamond hotels are Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York City.