Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing Now

Small businesses are fiercely competing to get the attention of potential customers. Consumers are getting past the clutter by speeding television shows, installing ad-blockers for an ad-free experience and customize the settings of their social media feeds.

This makes it important to search for ways to ensure that your small business isn’t ignored. Write messages that your prospective customers will want to read and see. Replace the sales pitch with useful information and market with the aim to allow buyers see your brand’s value.

This, my friend, is what you call content marketing. Content marketing tries to communicate with the customer and create as well as distribute information with the goal to engage a target audience and develop brand awareness. If you’re not fully convinced, here are some reasons why you should consider content marketing now.

Increase Brand Awareness

The success of content marketing relies heavily on consistency. You need to publish new content on a regular basis so you create many opportunities to increase brand awareness. As your potential target market frequently sees your company’s name, they become more familiar and you’ll be their top choice when they need your services.

Creates A Trusted Expert Identity

Now, if there are 9 law firms in a town but only one offers helpful information that teaches the community about the law, criminal cases, and options, that brand will be easily noticeable as the expert. By doing so, a brand is doing its expertise, so potential customers need not ask or research its proficiency. Since this enterprise is helping customers without any fee for this advice, it will also achieve a reputation for being reliable.

Motivates Customers To Take Action

Procrastination is usually common to consumers who make time for a service. However, once a customer gets all his questions answered or relates to a type of story, then that person could finally be encouraged to buy or schedule a service. Remember, more sales are generated if you produce content that helps a customer through the journey.

Gives Advantage Of Social Shares

People are wired to share things they find interesting. Your content and your business could take advantage of social shares if you can produce amazing content that will create a buzz on social media. With this benefit, you can reach customers that you haven’t reached before.

Its Performance Is Simple To Analyze

If you think that content marketing is a one-off process, then you’re wrong. This type of marketing strategy needs constant modifications and adjustment to suit your business needs. Because the metrics are easy to acquire, it’s simple to determine what strategy is working or not. Your business online marketing strategy could become highly efficient at gathering leads and attracting new customers when you constantly adjust your strategy over time.

Leads To A Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Compared to traditional advertising, content marketing costs 62% less and three times more effective in producing leads. This effectively levels the playing field of businesses in an industry. As expected, your business could be at par with a much bigger one if you can make a well-thought content marketing strategy.

How PPC and SEO work together to drive you traffic

There are numerous benefits to using either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) digital marketing strategies. More so if you use both and have them work together to drive traffic to your page.

By utilizing these two crucial digital marketing strategies (SEO and PPC) and integrating them into your marketing strategy, they will most likely increase the chances of people visiting or clicking your page.

With the increase of visitors comes the surge of prospective customers. This can only mean more sales for you, am I right? So, how exactly do you make good use of these two together?

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click Ads

Before we start on making use of these two marketing strategies, let’s have a quick overview of them individually.

First, what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? If SEO were to be defined, it is basically the use of keywords or related content to increase chances of higher ratings and visibility of your page. Pay-Per-Click ads or PPC marketing, on the other hand, is the use of advertisements on websites to earn money for every click or visit a user has made on advertisements.

Both have their own contributions to improving the sales and popularity of your page through online.

SEO vs PPC (Pros & Cons)

Although it is indeed true that the two digital marketing strategies are effective and beneficial to their own right, each of them comes with their own pros and cons when used for digital marketing.

SEO Pros:

  • Visibility of keywords in search engines
  • Drives sales and branding
  • Reliable and trusted due to high ratings or good reputation
  • Increases website traffic
  • Cost effective digital marketing strategy and the cost per click is free
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Sustainable and long lasting
  • Improves Click-through rate (CTR)
  • More clicks and a larger scope
  • Strategically advantageous against competition

SEO Cons

Utilizing SEO isn’t as easy as you think. There are cons to it as you start out, such as slow traffic drive, be left behind and your keywords being dominated by big-time rivals.

PPC Pros:

  • Can easily test and analyze landing pages, headlines and templates
  • Get instant campaigns and feedbacks
  • Drive immediate traffic on specific keywords
  • Improved and visual product advertisements
  • Front position on pages
  • Fixed budget limit
  • Laser-targeted and branding visibility
  • Intelligent marketing
  • Stable and cost-efficient if managed well

PPC Cons

PPC is great and all but it tends to be expensive. Costs can quickly increase as you go since paid search advertising requires constant investment. Competitors can also easily overtake you if not managed well.

Integrating SEO and PPC together

Below are the benefits of running SEO and PPC together:

  • PPC keywords and data can be fed into SEO
  • Increase of traffic
  • High and low keywords can be transferred from PPC to SEO
  • A/B testing can be fed into SEO and landing pages
  • Allows remarketing to stay on front page
  • Tests your PPC strategies before integrating long-term SEO
  • Broader target audience
  • Stronger awareness and visibility


When SEO and PPC come together, you can get the ideal digital marketing support and synergy for your page. They will be able to drive greater results than the competition.

5 reasons you should invest in internet marketing

Today, we are living in a digital age and there is a whole new market for your products and services. Traditional methods of marketing like TV ads are no longer the norm to effectively reach out your potential customers. Internet marketing is already becoming the gold standard in marketing and there are plenty of reasons why you need to invest in this new and growing movement.

1.) Customers are going online

Today, nearly 90% of adults in the North American regions are online and they are not just accessing the internet for entertainment. 97% of these online users are using the internet for local shopping. So if you think that customers can’t be found on the world wide web, think again. And if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity right in front of you, you are potentially losing a lot of money from your competition who are already riding the internet marketing bandwagon.

2.) You can measure everything

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can measure everything. While not every interaction in Facebook, or every response in your email or blog post will translate into a viable business, you will always know where you got things wrong, where you miss out and the potential opportunities that you can maximize. Because when your online marketing strategies turn into leads and your leads become buyers, you will know for sure what things you did right.

3.) Your competitors are doing it now

Chances are, some of your competitors already know the potential of internet marketing and if you are not going to invest in this field right away, it would be too late for you to catch with the rest of your competition. If they still aren’t, then this would be a great moment for you to get ahead of everyone else and enjoy a significant advantage. What’s more, going online will also give you the ability to see what the rest of the competition is doing.

4.) Everyone is equal

With traditional marketing, small and medium-size companies have no chance at beating big and already established brands who have almost unlimited resources at their disposal. They can simply pour tons of money on TV, radio, and newspaper ads and hire an army of sales representatives to squash the rest of the would-be competitors like little bugs. With online marketing, the competition is relatively equal making it possible for your company to rise from the bowels of obscurity towards total online dominance and authority. Besides, companies, whether big or small, can have equal access to social media marketing, email marketing, website and content marketing, and nothing is stopping you from toppling your competition.

5.) Impressive ROI

Modern business is without a doubt costly. If you are a small business, it would be difficult for you to source out the necessary capital to keep up with global brands that have significant resources dedicated to generating visibility and traffic. Fortunately, we are now living in a digital age where digital marketing has leveled the field for small business to thrive. For instance, video, which is now becoming a vital part of internet marketing, is cost-effective and easy to launch. Many of today’s internet marketing techniques and strategies are cheap, and you don’t need to have a sizeable budget to compete with the big boys.

3 reasons to trust us with your SEO

Indeed, there are plenty of scams and charlatans in the world of SEO. There are also those who promise fantastic Google rankings to customers only to offer sub-par results and services after the money was paid. Unfortunately, our company is operating in the same industry and we admit that it’s not easy to convince potential clients that we are different from the rest. Now, if you are looking for that one SEO company that will take your online business to greater heights, we might just be it.

Here are the reasons why handing us the keys to your business won’t be a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life:

1.) We do real SEO work

It’s true, there are SEO companies that do nothing at all and they are the reason why your business will slowly wither and die. But our company is different and all our previous clients can vouch for it. From laser hair removal clinics, Accident Lawyers, to car dealers, we have helped countless businesses reach better online visibility from complete obscurity. We managed to pull businesses and websites from total limbo and helped them reach the top of the rankings with real SEO work. What’s more, our work didn’t just put them at the top, we managed to keep them planted there for a long while.

2.) No Black-Hat SEO

We never use SEO cheats and hacks that may harm your website once Google and other search engines find out that your “outsmarting” their algorithm. We utilize 100% white-hat, and Google guidelines focused SEO strategies that are proven to work. We were never a fan of Black-Hat SEO methods to begin with because we believe that such a strategy can only provide temporary results and the risk of getting penalized by Google is a gamble that we will never make. If we take your website to the top, you can guarantee that there is no fishy business involved whatsoever.

3.) We know how SEO works

The internet has no shortage of self-proclaimed Gurus and SEO experts who tell everyone that they have unlocked the secret behind Google’s new algorithm and they know how to take your website and business to the promised land like they were the second coming of Jesus. We never pretend to be a Guru or SEO master or have led our clients to believe that we have discovered the blueprint to Google’s algorithm for that matter. But we do know how SEO works, and you can check our existing work on our live website. We can also provide you with a long list of past and existing clients that we have helped in our years of service as proof of our track record.

We believe that trust is all about honesty and walking the talk. If you promise that you are going to do this and the people you promised are expecting you to follow through on your words, then you better deliver if you want to build that level of trust and respect. For us, we always ensure that our words and actions are in complete harmony with each other. When we say the we know how SEO works and we can help your business and website enjoy significant search engine rankings, we will move heaven and heart to fulfill them!

What your website’s design says about your company

Upon opening the official website of your company, whatever is displayed on it will be the foundation of your company’s image. First impressions are important. So it is advisable that you put in the effort to have a good one.

One of the many ways to earn good first impression of your company is the design of your website. How your company’s website is designed will have more to say to prospective clients than words do.

Having said all that, what does it exactly say about your company?

Graphics User Interface (GUI) and Navigation

No visitor, client or user will be happy to do business with your company if you have a poorly made Graphic User Interface (GUI) and navigational keys or tabs on your company website. That’s why it’s best that you keep the design simple but still modern or professional-looking, perceptive, up-to-date with the latest trends and with your target audience, content and goals for the future in mind.

Design and Appearance

Every visitor or client checking your website will always judge you on the appearance of your website’s design before coming to a decision. Although this means they’re judging the book by its cover, the fact that this will be their first impression of your website won’t change. How your website is presented visually, ranging from its color schemes, typeface, style and down to your company logo, will be your key to get positive reactions from your visitors.

Branding and Professionalism

A good company must have professional branding and advertisement of themselves. This includes the logo of your company, which will be a crucial factor in how you want to convey your motivations and messages to your visitors. It can be either cartoony, artistic, unusual or just plain simple. How you want it to be seen is up to you.


In this modern and technology advanced era, it is very important that you consider the needs and types of devices your audience has. Since people often have their phones close to themselves at all times and surf the net very frequently, you can take advantage of this fact by having a mobile-friendly design for your company website so that it can be easily accessible from across various devices.

Speed and Stability

Whenever a website/page takes too long to load or has errors, you will sometimes get fed up with it and leave for a better one. A slow and unstable website isn’t good for your company or your clients. A good company website must be designed to be fast and stable in the long run. It must be regularly maintained and kept compact. That way, your website can load faster, and lesser time will be wasted.

So, what does your website say about you? Are you an innovative forward-thinking company? Or are you stuck in the past?

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for a Small Business

Are you part of a startup, a family-owned business, or a newly-expanding company? It’s exciting to do business in this digital age, what with so many new tools available and an ever-widening customer base.

All the same, it takes more than setting up a website or social media page with basic content and hoping your name gets out there. Your success depends on effective online strategy—and it’s best to start with your own digital marketing plan.

The importance of setting up a digital marketing plan

To begin, a marketing plan comprises your company’s marketing strategies; its goals over certain time periods (from weeks to months); and its needs in order to fulfill those goals, such as costs.

A digital marketing plan will act as a roadmap on how your business will move forward online. As your business grows and perceives new market trends, so must its plan be flexible, dynamic, and inclusive.

 What your plan must help you clarify

Smart Insights offers some practical advice on what your digital marketing plan should contain to help you see things clearly, namely:

  • What your company’s goals are
  • Who your target audience is
  • Who your competition is
  • Who your potential partners may be
  • Success indicators for your business, such as sales
  • What’s feasible and not feasible for your company.

Five ways to reach your digital market

The great advantage of digital marketing for your business is its cost-effectiveness. Gone are the heydays of high costs for flyers, billboards, and newspaper ads. Now your information will be for anyone to access—and it’s only a matter of them finding and engaging with you.

There are five main area of digital marketing: search engine marketing, local search marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Each main area works differently, but all will boost your small business’s digital campaign.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of keeping your company’s name high in the rankings when your products or services are typed in a search engine. Local search marketing, on the other hand, uses tools such as Google Maps to make your address and contact details visible, easily at your customers’ disposal.

Content marketing focuses on detailed information from your company about its products and services, via articles, write-ups, news releases, and the like. Social media marketing utilizes interactive platforms to actively engage with your target market and stay on their radar.

Email marketing is a time-tested form of communication, and can be used to let customers and partners in on exclusive deals, or up-to-date with newsletters.

A digital marketing plan is a framework to ground your business’s creativity, growth, and potential. Hire a partner, then, who’s savvy in the digital world, and who’ll tailor-fit their marketing strategy to be just right for your business. We could be that partner. For more information on how we can help you to create a digital marketing plan (and execute it) get in touch today.

Does Social Media affect SEO?

Does Social Media really affect SEO? And if it does, what are the possible effects that we need to be aware of so we can tailor our SEO strategies for Social Media? These are essential questions that we need to answer especially with the growing power and influence of Social Media on the world wide web. In this article, we will discuss both the truths as well the misconceptions of Social Media and its effect on SEO.

1.) Facebook and Twitter Posts are not ranking factors

Many people have this misconception that Google indexes all pages on the world wide web. While Google’s reach is unbelievably extensive, the almighty search engine has its limitations. With the number of web pages growing at an exponential rate, Google knows that not all pages that are created possess equal value and some of them are simply useless to searchers. That’s why they designed “Spiders” or crawling bots in their algorithm to help them determine content that provides value to users. The average number of tweet per day is 500 million. If Google is trying to crawl every page in existence, it has to give priority to one thing over another.  With so many tweets created, these will be low down on Google’s list of priorities.

2.) Currently, Facebook and Twitter followers do not equate to better search rankings

Google said that it does NOT use signals from social media like number of followers as a direct ranking factor for search. The reason for this is because Google can’t comprehend the connections and internal signals that social sites have which means they don’t have the confidence to put rankings on them. The problem lies in the volatile nature of social sites. Followers are mainly caused by relationships and this kind of connection can change constantly. Google doesn’t have the time to gauge these changing connections as their spiders only visit sites at a limited time.

So does this mean that you should not put any emphasis in Social Media?

Not at all because while there is still no definite relationship between Social Media and search engine rankings, Social Media can still benefit your business in two important ways such as:

1.)  Social Media drives traffic to your web pages

Social media is a proven means to increase your content distribution to different audiences. When you engage with potential customers on different social media sites, this helps establish your authority and relevance in your niche or industry. And when your posts are linked to your main website, this drives traffic to your page which results in better search engine rankings.

2.) Social Media helps in brand awareness

Being active in social media enhances brand awareness. Facebook and other social media sites are one of the best avenues to reach out to your potential customers and understand what their needs are. Once you understand their needs, you can better relate to them and offer your product or service as solutions. What’s more, you get to promote your company and brand to a wider and more active audience.


So what does this mean? It means that currently Google does not have a definite system in place to gauge Social Media relevance and use it to boost search engine rankings. However, we cannot deny the fact that Social Media plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website and fostering brand awareness. So if you ask me whether or not Social Media is important, the answer would be a definite YES. Get in touch today for more advice on how to boost your social presence.

Why Your Website Needs a CTA

Moving your business online is one of the best ways to have a wider customer reach. Almost everyone in the world right now with a mobile phone relies on the Internet for pretty much everything. They go online to look for information, businesses, product reviews, etc. Yet, not all websites get to be visited. Most of the time, people only click those websites who are in the top position of search results. That is why it is important for business owners to not only own a website, but to learn how to optimize it as well. And as most of you may have heard, the best way to do this is through SEO.

But before you get any other ideas; we are not here to talk about SEO. Some business owners, even with well-designed websites, still find some problems with converting visitors to customers. If you came here with the same problem, then you may not have heard of or created a Call To Action. Have you ever noticed how even with a large number of visitors on your website; you still fail to get purchases? Are your conversion rates lower than anticipated? Are your sales still down? If so, then maybe it’s time for you to get a CTA button.

So what exactly is CTA?

CTA, which stands for Call to Action, is an instruction found on websites that tells potential customers what they should do next. Usually, these buttons include verbs such as “click”, “call”, “register”, “log in”, “chat”, “buy”. So just like what CTA means, it encourages your visitors to take a certain action; which then turns them into potential customers.

Why use CTAs?

Having CTA buttons on your website, especially if you are selling products and/or services, are necessary for two reasons:

  • Increase User Interaction – CTA buttons are effective ways to grab your visitors’ attention. They are there to present an action for your visitors’ to take. This makes it easier for them to engage and interact with your website. They won’t have to worry about looking for ways to reach you since the buttons now give them direct access to you.
  • Drive Sales – Ultimately, what the CTA buttons do is drive a sale in some way. The call to action basically directs your visitors to follow a certain goal. This may be signing up for email subscriptions, sign-ups, and sales. In one way or another, the buttons influence your visitors to immediately take action. Soon after will you generate conversion rates.

How to effectively use CTA

While CTA buttons work well for your site’s conversion rates, having them thrown around and placed sloppily would unfortunately not live up to their best function. To effectively use them, below are the three things you need to consider:

  • Make your text clear and straight to the point.
  • Find the perfect place for your CTA buttons. (For this, you may have to try trial and error. Find the place where your potential customers are most likely to click)
  • Make your CTA buttons visible and visually appealing

If you need help converting more users into customers, get in touch to book a free consultation today.

Top SEO Strategies for 2018

2017 is drawing to a close, and there are many things that we need to leave behind in our lives as we welcome the coming year. One of them should be the SEO blunders that we have made in the past. But mistakes happen to everyone, and the most important thing is to learn and grow from them and focus on the things that we can do to improve traffic and search engine rankings. As an early Christmas treat, here are some of the effective strategies that you can employ in your SEO campaign so you can open 2018 with the best SEO blast.

1.) Make Your Site Fast and Mobile Friendly

Providing quality user experience is important if you want Google and other search engines to rank your site better. With that being said, remove any and all unnecessary information on your website, and your visitors will surely be pleased with lightning quick loading pages. And because more and more people are going mobile today, it would also help if you design your site to be mobile friendly. Do these little tweaks, and you will surely find your site in better search engine ranking positions.

2.) Proper Keyword Integration

Any and all pages on your website should be tailored to something specific and a single SEO keyword. In building the content and message of your every webpage, the SEO keywords should be the central theme. So you can bring up your keywords more than once naturally, try creating longer content. Google and other search engines will penalize your website if it feels that you are overstuffing keywords or failing to offer value to visitors.

3.) Create Lots of High-Quality Content

Google loves websites that provide fresh content on a regular basis. But to establish your authority and keep your visitors from leaving your site after a short glance, your content should also be of high quality. High-quality content on your website and shared online will help search engines notice your brand, identify its relevance to users, and rank your website better as a result. With better rankings and quality content that will keep your visitors attached to your website, achieving your business goals online would be easy.

4.) Visual Appeal is Crucial

Visual appeal is becoming crucial in today’s digital age which means integrating SEO optimized images needs to be treated with utmost importance. You may have images in your site but if they are not properly optimized and if they look irritating to the eyes, then you will actually be doing more harm than good. Integrate appealing images that help make the user experience better overall. But don’t put too much images on your website as it may affect the speed of your website. Also, put associated texts on your images so Google can recognize their relevance. Improving the look of your site may not feel like it increases your rankings, but remember that bounce rate is a ranking factor. And the uglier your website, the higher your bounce rate.

5.) Social Media

Many SEO experts are still not completely sure on whether Social Media has any connection with search engine rankings. However, everyone would agree that establishing a solid Social Media presence can help your website a lot in terms of traffic and relevance. Social Media is also a powerful tool in building your brand and authority to an online populace whose internet use has become synonymous with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.


We’re here to help you improve your rankings in 2018. Get in touch for more information on our SEO service.

What Should a Website Look like in 2018

The website design process is essential. It can help develop excellent websites that are able to incorporate technologies well. This process can help improve your business. Through a website, you can communicate with your potential clients. Below are some ideas on how you can design your website so that it can attract more clients. This will also help your website become more prominent in 2018:

Flat design

Minimalist websites have recently become a trend. This is because it is more suitable for mobile use and provides a better user experience. Websites that have too many images bother mobile users because they take a long time to load. Web design needs to account for the rise in mobile use and this is where flat design comes in. It is already popular and will continue into 2018.

Flat design is not about being dull, but it is about minimalism and usability. It’s about concentrating on the key parts of your website. With a flat design, it is easier to navigate throughout the webpage. Browsing also becomes more enjoyable. Additionally, quick-loading designs make page loading much faster. This, looks desirable for search engines. It means that your site will likely rank better. Also, with a minimalist design, you will be successful in gaining potential customers.

Appealing typography

The way you present your typography can be very powerful. Although your website might be minimalist, creative typography usually has a great influence. It affects making a website look more appealing or engaging.

Many companies use their funds to develop their own fonts to establish their brand. Typography is very expressive. Having intricate and unique designs will capture the attention of potential clients. This will help them remember your website, leading to generate great results.

Patterns, lines, circles and geometric shapes

This trend already exists, but it will to continue to gain its popularity in 2018. It is good to mix patterns, line and various shapes in a page. These methods will yield great results. With this, there can be the combination of flat design and material design. Decorative elements such as simple shapes and lines can work.

Bright colors

Bright colors can also be attractive to potential customers. With this, material and flat design can incorporate bright colors. In searching for the right design for a website, it is also advisable to use bright colors. They are a sure way to show the personality of your business. Yet, being bright and colorful can be challenging when you have to be simple and flat. You can achieve this by finding the right color for your website. You can use lively colors, incorporated in a simple layout. This will appear appealing and natural.

Providing a great website experience is important. This means integrating new technologies and presenting them to your clients. It can be risky, but the right web design will be a great chance to attract potential customers. For 2018, the design will be simple, yet powerful. Creating websites that is compatible with mobile devices are also important. It can feature new styles and formats, and focus on user experience.