Scottsdale Web Design – How to Revamp Your Website for Valentine’s Day

The holidays are over and it’s now the start of a new year. The next thing you’ll know is that it’s going to be  Valentine’s Day. Websites should discard the Christmas decorations and start filling their websites with hearts and flowers. Valentine’s Day is the time where people go the extra mile to show their love for their loved ones. For websites,  it’s the perfect time to spread love. Valentine’s Day promotions are going to pop up anytime soon. So, here are 3 tips for your retail site this upcoming Valentine’s Day:

  • Tip #1: Prepare In Advance.

  • January is the ideal time to start organizing a Valentine’s Day plan. Whatever your business may be, it’s imperative that you should start early. After the Christmas break, you can begin planning what you might want to do this Valentine’s Day. You need time to spread your website campaigns. Even with the help of the internet, promotions and sales will popularize in a snap. Plus, you need to give people time to save up enough money to splurge on this special day.
  • Another reason to start early is that other websites may have started with their own marketing campaigns If you won’t plan now, you will only be left with hardly any customers. Take the first step and start knocking on their generous hearts (no pun intended!)
Heart Cutout on a Coffee Cup

It’s going to be Valentine’s day soon!

  • Tip #2: Use Images to Get People Ready for Valentine’s Day

  • It’s such a happy and joyous occasion. Since it’s Valentine’s day, add hearts, flowers, teddy bears, and chocolate to your marketing ads. Website reminders and email messages just won’t do it. Each time you have a website sale, like on Valentine’s day, make sure to add happy and  lively pictures.
  • You should also follow a certain template. Whether it’s a special photo you took yourself, the cheery banner, or the social media advertisement you carefully planned, there should be a sense of uniformity. All the materials you prepared should use the same color scheme, font, and style. Not only that, it should also contain your logo, your website link, and your various social media accounts. So, people can easily know where to find your products that moment they see the ad.
  • Tip #3: Spread the Word by Spreading LOVE!

  • How do we exactly do this third tip? You spread love through giveaways! It’s time to let your customers do the marketing for you. By conducting a variety of giveaways on your different social media accounts, people can easily spread your Valentine’s day sale.
  • Whether your customers are mainly on Facebook,  Twitter, or Instagram, you start a simple “like and share” giveaway.  Anyone interested to WIN freebies from you will just repost an image or a status update. This way, the giveaway can trigger a ripple effect. So, people are inspired to share and spread the word about your Valentine’s day promotion.
  • Lastly, you DON’T have to do a giveaway at all times. Other strategies include: offering a FREE gift to anyone who reaches the required minimum purchase amount. Just remember that during these special occasions, every online business is brainstorming of a one-of-a-kind strategy to convince people to buy.  If every website similar to you is having a  buy 1, get 1 free, why not add something like an all-expense-paid Valentine’s day date? That additional prize will surely make you stand out from the rest. It’s doesn’t have to be at an 5-star hotel. People will still appreciate having a date at a cozy restaurant. It makes the date more meaningful and more memorable!

5 Infallible Principles Guaranteed to Boost Website Sales

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Majority of website visitors do not buy on their first visit no matter how much they want your products. They will have second thoughts in transacting online. They might not even come back to visit your website. That’s just how online businesses roll. Sales are not guaranteed once you have a website. You need to tweak your website to be more inviting to its audience.

In this article, I will let you know how to increase your online store’s profits without spending too much money and without going through complicated prodecures. In fact, you don’t need a PHD because boosting your website’s sales can be easy peasy if you follow the 5 tips listed below.

Infallible principles to help increase sales:


    If you think the colors you chose are just for added style, you are definitely wrong. It does not only make your website look better and brighter, but the right choice can help you boost your sales. Using color schemes that appeals to your target market can convince them to try your products out.


    If you look closely, shopping sites like ebay and amazon highlight pricing differences. When you click on a particular item, the description would always include the price. It get tricky from here because there are usually two or three prices listed. A product would usually have a list price and an actual price. The list price is always more expensive than the actual price. This will tell your customers that if they buy this item right now, they will take advantage this bargain. This is not to deceive to customers, but you are emphasizing on the price difference. This is an effective strategy that will make the price reduction very obvious and it would be such a waste if they would ignore a great deal.


    Your products can look like good, but there’s still a big chance that people won’t bother getting one. Why? They are not of its authenticity. There are a lot of fake deals floating online. Customers are making sure that they getting their money’s worth. This is why it’s important to give your customers the assurance that your website provides high-quality goods and services. Also, give them an estimate on when products arrive at their doorstep and provide further explanation regarding the product’s warranty.


    Blogging is a great strategy because you can highlight your products through it. You can provide instructional videos on how to properly use, care, and store your products. You can also share different tips and uses for it. Plus, through blogging, people know about your products. Once they read a positive review online, they will curious on that product and they will try it themselves. Blogging is also a way for you to address concerns of your existing and prospective clients.


    You may think that providing your customers with limitless options is great. The truth is that it’s not. It will confuse them. They will not know what to pick. Better to limit their options.  Provide a list of your bestselling products, list gifts for him (or her), list buying guides. It’s NEVER about the quantity, but it’s about the quality of your products.

10 Web Design Tips to Boost Sales

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When your website is not bringing in any money, there are many factors the problem.  One thing is you might want to change is website design. The truth is that a great web design can make a statement. It will encourage visitors to try your products. This process is called conversion.  A website can have a lot of traffic but only a few conversions.

You have to understand that 94% of website visitors base their first impression to the website’s design. Additionally, 75% of them will decide on the brand’s credibility just by examining the website. This is why you need to assess your website’s design and make necessary changes to draw more sales.

Below are a list of things to consider when upgrading your website:



    • Promise your customers that your brand can deliver. Give them a concrete reason why they should buy from you and not from another website. Make it very clear and obvious that your products are a cut above the rest.

    • Embrace the white space. Keep your homepage clutter-free. Too much web elements can scare people away. Do not bombard your customers with too man options. Help them decide by keeping the design simple.

    • Website design is not game of hide and seek. You should throw important information for the world to see. Products details should include the size, the color, the weight, the height, and so on. Remember to put contact numbers also. In case buyers have a problem with the product, they can easily get help.

    • If you want to spice things up, adding a short video might help. Instead of showing a picture of the product, why not attach a video? Set aside a space for videos. Some companies indicated a 144% increase in sales by adding instructional videos.

    • When a site looks dull, maybe it’s time to paint the town red. You have to carefully choose your color palette though. Take note that color blind people struggle with the colors red ang green. Consider your target market and choose a color scheme that will attract them. A change in color might lead to an expanded conversion rate.

    • Aside from giving out contact numbers and email addresses, make it personal and chat with your customers. It will definitely increase the trust and confidence. Future buyers will opt to choose your website over other competing brands.

    • Customers does not want to give too much information just to be able to buy one small item. Make their shopping experience easier. Go for an email, password, and a name first. Then, they can provide the other details later. See if the conversion rate is higher when you shorten the forms.

    • The headlines should lessen the potential customers’ doubts. Your statement should address their concern. It is should bold and clear. It should increase their confidence on your products.

    • Constantly add small changes to your website. These little changes might bring out better improvements. Change web elements one at a time and observe their outcome. You might want change the BUY NOW button color, you might want to make some text bigger or smaller, or you might consider adding a new feature. Adding a SHOP AS GUEST feature may draw more web visitors to buy your products because they can check out without needing to go through long forms.

    • Give away free items to your loyal customers. Offer a 10% discount on their next purchase. Everyone loves the word “free” and “sale.” Encourage them to buy more and in return, they will get a free item. Make sure your FREE banner is visible for everyone to see.