Do Online Shoppers Check Product Reviews?

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People search for reviews before purchasing online.

Today, consumers trust their fellow consumers more than they trust the different advertisements shown in both the social media, print, and television. The past years have seen how much product reviews has become a powerful tool to convince consumers to purchase. A research done by Jupiter Research confirms that 77% of the consumers refer to the product reviews before they decide on their actual purchase.

Another study also showed that 90% of the consumers admits that the product reviews that they read online has an intensifying effect on their purchase. The customary way of sales and marketing has not retained its power as to the user generated content more specifically, the customer reviews. Sadly, most corporations has not use this kind of marketing and branding. The truth is: product reviews can establish trust among potential consumers which later on can become purchase.

It is wise for businesses to allow the consumers to air what they think of their product/s whether the comment is positive or negative. Even bad reviews has their advantages too. It has the ability to help build the trust of the consumers. Bad reviews has more honesty and credibility which helps the consumers modify their expectations.

Reevo states that negative reviews does improve the conversions to purchase by 67% which is a pretty much large number especially when translated to sales. Reevo also discovered that negative reviews of products are actually the ones that convert more. This also means, consumers are paying close attention. Surveys likewise shows that 68% of consumers trust the reviews no matter if they are good or bad. On the flip side, 30% thinks that the reviews went through censorship or if not, they are just fake reviews because no negative comment was written about the product.

Types of reviews:

  • The brief overview review – This type is usually written in one page for consumers to quickly see which products has the highest and lowest ratings. Brief overview review are found in affiliate sites which is usually done in one or two paragraphs. It also has a star rating or any kind of rating. This comprises product image and a link.
  • The comprehensive and full review – A longer review is much better that the brief overview review because it goes into details. It shows the advantages of the product, its features, and it also tells what is good and bad about the product. Included in the review would be screenshots, and product photos.

CEO Matt Moog of Power Reviews also added that, “We try to focus on identifying the valuable reviews. If the product is popular and selling at a high price point, that review will have more impact.” Product reviews are not just for consumers but also for retailers and brands. Reviews can result positive eventuality like offers, get suppliers and develop their products more. This can help change the products. Matt Moog said, “It’s the best form of market research—real-time and specific, from people you know have used the product.”

The Importance of Color Selection

Color Pencil Set

Choosing the right colors.

The best place to communicate is in a website. It has the power to inform, sell, or comment. What is great with websites is that it can reach an international audience with very little cost. Choosing the right colors for your website can give a good impression and effect. It can also dictate the kind of audience you would like to reach.

Psychologists tell us that color impression plays an important part in the user’s subconscious decision and that decision is based on color alone. When people see a product, their mind already decides in less than 90 seconds. People are partial to something colorful and has the tendency to choose that product over a product that is monochromatic.

Color is personal. That is why color gives different reaction to different kinds of people. The reaction is built on taste, the event, and social group. The range of colors will surely represent you and your brand. To choose the right colors, you must first have a full grasp and understanding of it.

Here are the colors – their effect on people and the audience they attract

  • Red – It has the kind of power to attract. It goes well for websites that will sell products for kids. It can persuade visitors to do something right away and results to buying. Red entices the emotions.
  • Yellow – It shows cheerfulness. This attracts children and it is a good color for leisure products. Not too much yellow though as its brightness can harm the eyes. This works well as an accent.
  • Orange – Most websites that promotes food products uses orange. It inspires positive thinking and creativity. Orange attracts the millennial audience. This is why it is also used in technology.
  • Blue – It may be a conservation color that relaxes the nervous system, but it is a good choice for websites that promotes high tech products and dietary products. Many people chooses blue for their text. When it comes to hyperlinks, blue is simply a good choice.
  • Green– The reaction to this color is pleasing and cool. Since it does give that  relaxed feeling, websites that promote tourism and nature choose this color. Green also represents fortune and luxury. It invokes trust . Thus, many multinational companies use this color.
  • Black – It is great when used in photography and art related websites.
  • Purple – It is a good choice for websites that are religious. It is also great for vacation sites as well.

When you decide on your color, think of your target market. If your audience is the elderly, choose somber colors. Bright colors attracts the younger generation , but do not use a lot of it because it may strain the eyes and could drive away your website visitors.

Colors can make or break you and your website. It is not wise to have an array of colors in your palette. It is a good decision to keep your colors at a minimum level. Use at least two or three colors. Less is really more.

Nine Useful Website Links (Part 1)

Website Search

Where to find useful websites?

This guide will provide you links to websites that are totally free to use and no sign up is required. Whether you need a notepad, a private chat room, a online photo editor, it is all here. It will save you time as there is no need for you to download anything.

  •  PrivNote – Want to send private notes to some? PrivNote will let you send them and the best part is that it will automatically self destruct. If you want to channel your inner James Bond, send your confidential files because it will absolutely leave no trace.
  • NilTalk – If you feel like secret notes is not enough, go create a private chat room. You are not required to give your name or email. All you need to input is a chat room password. Once the chat room is created, all messages will not be recorded and everything gets deleted after 2 hours.
  • WhatTheFont! – Do you ever wonder what font your favorite television show is using? If you see a font that you instantly like, you can upload it to WhatTheFont and it will search its database. You do not have to go on your computer and try every font that you see. There is a forum for font enthusiast to assist you in case the search is futile.


  • LMGTFY – Instead of telling people what to search, why not show them how? This website is helpful if you want to teach someone the basics of online research. If you hate Google, other search engines (like Yahoo, Aol, and others) are also available.
  • SumoPaint – It is an online editor filled with tools similar to Adobe Photoshop. It also includes a wide variety of brushes, unique tools, and the wackiest effects to improve your photos. Next time you are from your desk, you do not need to worry. Just go online and SumoPaint will save the day.
  • Kleki – If you find Adobe Photoshop quite complicated, you will probably find SumoPaint difficult to. Kleki offers a simpler online editor than SumoPaint. Additionally, if you wish to learn the basics of editing, the website has a tutorial section. It will show you how to use layers, how to create colored drawings, and others.


  • Paste Bin – This website is really helpful when you want to share notes with anyone. PasteBin supports huge .txt files because it was originally made so that computer programmers can easily share their codes. Whether you are a programmer or not, you are very welcome to use it. You do not have to register and the receiver of the notes do not need to register as well. If you think that the notes are personal, you can even set an expiration date for your notes.
  • NotesIO – If there is no need for you to share notes to people, you can skip PasteBin and choose NotesIO instead. When there is a lot of researching involved and several browser tabs are open, you can use this uncomplicated personal notepad. If you are using a shared computer and there is no word processing application, you can never go wrong with NotesIO.
  • DrawIO – When you work at an office, you deal with a lot presentations. You need to create charts. It is not easy to make them, but thankfully, DrawIO is here. They provide you with various templates from business to software layouts. It is definitely helpful to students too!