Nine Useful Website Links (Part 1)

Website Search

Where to find useful websites?

This guide will provide you links to websites that are totally free to use and no sign up is required. Whether you need a notepad, a private chat room, a online photo editor, it is all here. It will save you time as there is no need for you to download anything.

  •  PrivNote – Want to send private notes to some? PrivNote will let you send them and the best part is that it will automatically self destruct. If you want to channel your inner James Bond, send your confidential files because it will absolutely leave no trace.
  • NilTalk – If you feel like secret notes is not enough, go create a private chat room. You are not required to give your name or email. All you need to input is a chat room password. Once the chat room is created, all messages will not be recorded and everything gets deleted after 2 hours.
  • WhatTheFont! – Do you ever wonder what font your favorite television show is using? If you see a font that you instantly like, you can upload it to WhatTheFont and it will search its database. You do not have to go on your computer and try every font that you see. There is a forum for font enthusiast to assist you in case the search is futile.


  • LMGTFY – Instead of telling people what to search, why not show them how? This website is helpful if you want to teach someone the basics of online research. If you hate Google, other search engines (like Yahoo, Aol, and others) are also available.
  • SumoPaint – It is an online editor filled with tools similar to Adobe Photoshop. It also includes a wide variety of brushes, unique tools, and the wackiest effects to improve your photos. Next time you are from your desk, you do not need to worry. Just go online and SumoPaint will save the day.
  • Kleki – If you find Adobe Photoshop quite complicated, you will probably find SumoPaint difficult to. Kleki offers a simpler online editor than SumoPaint. Additionally, if you wish to learn the basics of editing, the website has a tutorial section. It will show you how to use layers, how to create colored drawings, and others.


  • Paste Bin – This website is really helpful when you want to share notes with anyone. PasteBin supports huge .txt files because it was originally made so that computer programmers can easily share their codes. Whether you are a programmer or not, you are very welcome to use it. You do not have to register and the receiver of the notes do not need to register as well. If you think that the notes are personal, you can even set an expiration date for your notes.
  • NotesIO – If there is no need for you to share notes to people, you can skip PasteBin and choose NotesIO instead. When there is a lot of researching involved and several browser tabs are open, you can use this uncomplicated personal notepad. If you are using a shared computer and there is no word processing application, you can never go wrong with NotesIO.
  • DrawIO – When you work at an office, you deal with a lot presentations. You need to create charts. It is not easy to make them, but thankfully, DrawIO is here. They provide you with various templates from business to software layouts. It is definitely helpful to students too!