The Importance of Color Selection

Color Pencil Set

Choosing the right colors.

The best place to communicate is in a website. It has the power to inform, sell, or comment. What is great with websites is that it can reach an international audience with very little cost. Choosing the right colors for your website can give a good impression and effect. It can also dictate the kind of audience you would like to reach.

Psychologists tell us that color impression plays an important part in the user’s subconscious decision and that decision is based on color alone. When people see a product, their mind already decides in less than 90 seconds. People are partial to something colorful and has the tendency to choose that product over a product that is monochromatic.

Color is personal. That is why color gives different reaction to different kinds of people. The reaction is built on taste, the event, and social group. The range of colors will surely represent you and your brand. To choose the right colors, you must first have a full grasp and understanding of it.

Here are the colors – their effect on people and the audience they attract

  • Red – It has the kind of power to attract. It goes well for websites that will sell products for kids. It can persuade visitors to do something right away and results to buying. Red entices the emotions.
  • Yellow – It shows cheerfulness. This attracts children and it is a good color for leisure products. Not too much yellow though as its brightness can harm the eyes. This works well as an accent.
  • Orange – Most websites that promotes food products uses orange. It inspires positive thinking and creativity. Orange attracts the millennial audience. This is why it is also used in technology.
  • Blue – It may be a conservation color that relaxes the nervous system, but it is a good choice for websites that promotes high tech products and dietary products. Many people chooses blue for their text. When it comes to hyperlinks, blue is simply a good choice.
  • Green– The reaction to this color is pleasing and cool. Since it does give that  relaxed feeling, websites that promote tourism and nature choose this color. Green also represents fortune and luxury. It invokes trust . Thus, many multinational companies use this color.
  • Black – It is great when used in photography and art related websites.
  • Purple – It is a good choice for websites that are religious. It is also great for vacation sites as well.

When you decide on your color, think of your target market. If your audience is the elderly, choose somber colors. Bright colors attracts the younger generation , but do not use a lot of it because it may strain the eyes and could drive away your website visitors.

Colors can make or break you and your website. It is not wise to have an array of colors in your palette. It is a good decision to keep your colors at a minimum level. Use at least two or three colors. Less is really more.