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6 B2B Guidelines To Help Boost Your Website

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What is B2B?

It’s a type of transaction, which means business to business. If your website caters to other businesses, the tips below will come in handy. Whether you are a web design agency or marketing agency, knowing these valuable tips will help you stand out from your competitors.


    Always keep track of your performance. Every good host should be able to provide you with important statistics. You should have a variety of identifiers to gauge how your website is doing, to measure what are the bestselling products, to know when people visiting your website. Don’t neglect these data provide to know the overall performance of your website. You will know to plan what’s best for your online business. At the end of the day, these stats should be able to boost online transactions and give you answers on what are the most-viewed products. “What are the products that generate profit?” “What are the products that aren’t doing well?” Your stats should be able to help you answer some of these questions.


    Blogging greatly in boosting your website. Because you are publishing new content from time to time, your website will have more chances appearing in different search engine results.  Thus, you have a greater reach and you will be more  to the world. Don’t ignore the power of constant updates because timely and relevant posts could help boost your online presence. Not only that, blogging will also improve customer relations. Through your posts, they get to know you more, making them trust in you more.


    This is related to blogging. Don’t just fill your lengthy post with words. People will process information better if we see visuals. Pictures help us comprehend better. It’s already been proven that marketing and other promotional posts that contain images tend to attract more customers than those with plain text. Always make sure to add pictures to your blog posts. Better yet provide infographics and instructional videos to your marketing campaigns.


    Promoting your business is good, but try to be personal. Don’t just flood your social media pages with generic updates. Your followers will find it annoying. Build your business’ credibility by interacting with your followers. Ask them questions, talk to them, or give them product recommendations. Your audiences don’t want to your know more about business’ history,  they are interested more on your products will help them. Instead of driving away them by your detached and emotionless marketing campaigns, use a customer-focused approach. Interact and answer queries.


    Of course, new customers will NOT avail your products and services right away. It is important to pay attention in building trust and confidence. Email marketing will help in bridging this gap. Formulate on ways to connect with your prospective and existing clients through email. This method can help you earn the highest return of investment.


    Social media has the power to make magic. The best part is that it’s absolutely FREE. Having multiple social media accounts will open countless of doors for your online business. It will help you to become more visible to the world and even to people aren’t even in your circle. Almost everyone has at least one social media account. It’s counterproductive to not take advantage of this!

Advertising Your Products Using Social Media

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Marketing a Product Online.

If there is one thing that is permanent, it is the internet.

People cannot live without the internet. Everyone has a constant need to update the world with what’s new in their lives. We search for anything and everything we need on the internet. Having a website is not enough when you decide to sell your products. Social media makes a huge impact in e-commerce. You can use the internet to advertise your products.

Follow these tips on how to market a product:

Social media accounts are important.

  • If you look closely at different websites, you would notice that they have different social media accounts because a website alone is not enough. They have to go where the people are.
  • Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, your business should have a social media team tasked to create your brand’s online profile. Every little detail counts from the basic information like profile to the constant updates.
  • The team should also make creative visuals for your social media accounts . You do not need a paid software because there are a bunch of free photo editors like PizapPixlrCanva to edit your product photos, and create unique collages of your items.
  • Since Facebook is the top social media platform, experiment with its features. You can offer exclusive promotions on your wall or you can utilize the Facebook Ads to advertise your latest products.
  • Lastly, do not just rely on one social media account. The more, the better. You can view the different social media platforms here. Websites like Twitter and Instagram have a lot of users too. If you need help on Twitter, this guide will help you. Use social media not only to promote your business, but also to reach out to your target audience.

Boost your online visibility.

  • Yes, having different social media accounts play a huge role, but email is also one way to promote. Relying on social media alone is a huge no. You should always encourage your audience to sign up for email.
  • You can send out exclusive offers to your email subscribers. It will definitely help boost your business. and the great thing about emails is that: IT IS YOURS. You can create it the way to want and how you want it. When you are in Facebook, the space you occupy is owned by Facebook. When you are in Twitter, the same thing is true. For emails, no one owns it because it is 100% yours
  • You do not need to pay for ads. Just redirect your email subscribers to the latest deals on your website and they can shop right away.

Learn from other people.

  • You do not have to keep sending out information. You also have to take in information. Follow influential brands, and learn from what they post to their followers.
  • Be a follower yourself so you would know how your followers would feel. This way you can provide better ways to serve your customers. Watch what other people do and actively monitor for opportunities to learn new things.
  • Find ways to engage with the experts in your industry. You can attend conventions, or follow them online. Business people are usually on Twitter so start stalking them there.

Social Media Can Help Your Businesses

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The different social media application.

Social media allows its users to connect with each other. 

It brings about content using the various online communities. It has the ability to open possibilities to both small and large businesses. Think this: if you spend a few hours in social media, it will increase your sales with no extra cost.

Here are reasons why social media is a good and profitable platform for businesses:

  • Social media is easy to use. You do not have to be an expert to join. All it takes is a basic knowledge, and you are ready to market your product or services. For assistance in marketing your product, read this social media guide.
  • Social media proves to be the fastest platform to reach millions of users. You can even reach an international audience!
  • Surely, you can enlarge your business visibility and increase the recognition of your brand. You must get people to like and share your page. And if the posts are shared, that means your brand is being introduced to other people who are potential customers.
  • If you do not use social media, you are limiting your reach to just your usual clients. It will then be difficult to reach people outside of your immediate circle. Social media will increase your inbound traffic, and that could translate to sales.
  • When you join the different platforms, it allows people reach your business. An older demographic can try a certain keyword on Facebook can reach your business. If a millennial wants to search your business in another platform, say, Instagram, you can easily be found. Syndicating your content in the different platforms is a brilliant idea because different demographics can readily access your business.
  • Consumers like it when you respond to their comments on your page instead of giving automated messages, which is very impersonal. This tells your audience that you are paying attention. This will guarantee you not only sale, but their loyalty to your brand. Among the demographics, it is the millennial that are brand loyal.
  • If you stay in the social media for more than a year, your search ranking will surely improve. If you go to the top, traffic will definitely give positive results for your business. Users will do business with you, not your company.
  • Post impeccable content. This tells the users that you are an authority and a leader in your field. Make your presence felt and connect to your audience, your followers will look up to you.

Get started on social media.

It has a treasure trove of benefits that can help your business grow. If your brand is interactive by sharing content, comment on social media, and post statuses, it becomes personal. Try it, engage with your market and learn more about them. A higher number of followers tends to improve the credibility of your brand and your market’s trust. Build your audience and enjoy the conversion rates!

The Top 5 Social Media Platforms

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Social media apps that will boost your online presence.

We have numerous social websites available for us to choose from. So, how will you know the best social media website that fits you and your brand?

Here is the list of social media sites to help you decide:

  • FACEBOOK is one of the most popular platforms both for personal and business use. It is a good site to post photos, updates, news with the users to follow or like. Business fans visit your page to know what is new in your company and to see photos and know your events. Facebook makes use of activities to know which market needs your brand. They present social graph and their advertisements are successful too. Facebook has 1.65 billion active users.
  • TWITTER has 310 million users and to date, numbers are still adding up. This is because communicating in this platform is simple and concise. It is also a micro-blogging service which allows short messages sent and received from consumers and prospective clients. The key tool is hashtags (#). These will reach a wide audience and not just followers. This happens when users join in a conversation. Read more in this Twitter guide.
  • GOOGLE + is the social networking site of Google. It is similar to Facebook but it has a feature that can create “circles.” This will separate your followers from other different groups. This way, you can share your announcements only to the group that you prefer. This is one feature that other social media does not have.
  • YOUTUBE is a social media that can help you expand your outreach. This is done by going to Google search results. There is a total of 6 billion hours of video watched by users every single month. Make sure your video is really worth watching, otherwise, be prepared to receive negative comments. YouTube offers marketers the likelihood of promoting their product/s or clients by way of its target market.
  • PINTEREST is a distinguished platform when it comes to marketing. Post pictures that are clickable which includes a short caption. The given caption should be keyword optimized as it is how your pin will appear when visitors browse. The images should have good quality and must pop out in your feeds.
  • Linkedln presents job experience and professional views. It is an important site for business to business (B2B) people. It does not only drive traffic, but establishing through leadership, leads to prospecting, and recruiting. There are little conversations here, but you can still meet people from the same industry as yours. All you have to do is ask and some will answer. This can start a conversation which will show how expert you are in your field.

The websites above are where people are. The more people use the sites, the more you will have the chance to promote your product/s. Of course, there are other sites you can use. There are blog sites, customer view sites, location-based marketing sites, coupon sites, online photo-sharing services, and so on. Choose the site that suits your brand.