Twitter Tips & Tricks


Using Twitter the Right Way.

Twitter is one of the top social media sites.

Currently, it has 238 million active users a month. Twitter is great marketing tool that boasts a total of 1 billion visits a month to various websites that have embedded tweets. You can use this to your advantage and share your own brand, get thousands of new clients, and more. So, what do you do to make your tweets visible? How do your get more following? How to use Twitter for business?

Just follow these easy tips:

  • Use hashtags.
    • Twitter is this the first website to use hashtags and it is becoming a trend that even Facebook supports hashtags now. A hashtag is a set of keywords and it begins with a pound sign.
    • If you want to share your opinion, reaction, or even a blog about a topic, do not forget to include the hashtag in your Tweet. Tweets with hashstags have a higher chance of getting engagements like replies and retweets. For example, #TyphoonMaria and #PrayforPuertoRico. These topics are timely and relevant. People talked about the recent horrible events during Typhoon Maria. Any updates regarding the tragedy included the specific hashtags above. Twitter users from all over the world shared their messages of support and tweeted links on ways on how to help.
  • Interact your with audience.
    • Talk to your followers. Do not just bombard them with updates and not actually talking to them. Post a poll, reply to tweets, and start a conversation with people. Twitter is a place for you to engage with your customers. Reply when someone needs help. Do not neglect the impact of a great customer service. Your followers will appreciate it when you reply. Say thank you when they post a feedback, retweet their positive reviews. These reviews will make other people trust your brand and they will inclined to buy your products.   of support and tweeted links on ways on how to help.
  • Add images, videos to your Tweets.
    • Twitter has a 140 character limit and most of the time, words are not enough. You can add visuals to your  Tweets to catch people’s attention. When people see a funny GIF along with your Tweet, they will probably retweet it. Generally, Tweets with images will get more interactions from people.
    • You may also attach images like product photos, or you can send out inspiring quotes, or your own videos.
  • Update your Twitter Profile.
    • Pay attention to every little detail on your profile.  Because if your profile looks shady, people will doubt your authenticity. Erase doubts in people’s minds by adding your business’ location, your logo, your official website.

Post frequently.

The more you tweet, the more content gets out there. There is a higher chance for people to read your updates. You can try to schedule tweets at different times to reach your audience even the international followers. Constantly tweeting can be tiring, but the Tweetdeck app makes tweeting easier. You can create tweets ahead of time, and publish them at a preferred time and date.