The Top 5 Social Media Platforms

social media apps

Social media apps that will boost your online presence.

We have numerous social websites available for us to choose from. So, how will you know the best social media website that fits you and your brand?

Here is the list of social media sites to help you decide:

  • FACEBOOK is one of the most popular platforms both for personal and business use. It is a good site to post photos, updates, news with the users to follow or like. Business fans visit your page to know what is new in your company and to see photos and know your events. Facebook makes use of activities to know which market needs your brand. They present social graph and their advertisements are successful too. Facebook has 1.65 billion active users.
  • TWITTER has 310 million users and to date, numbers are still adding up. This is because communicating in this platform is simple and concise. It is also a micro-blogging service which allows short messages sent and received from consumers and prospective clients. The key tool is hashtags (#). These will reach a wide audience and not just followers. This happens when users join in a conversation. Read more in this Twitter guide.
  • GOOGLE + is the social networking site of Google. It is similar to Facebook but it has a feature that can create “circles.” This will separate your followers from other different groups. This way, you can share your announcements only to the group that you prefer. This is one feature that other social media does not have.
  • YOUTUBE is a social media that can help you expand your outreach. This is done by going to Google search results. There is a total of 6 billion hours of video watched by users every single month. Make sure your video is really worth watching, otherwise, be prepared to receive negative comments. YouTube offers marketers the likelihood of promoting their product/s or clients by way of its target market.
  • PINTEREST is a distinguished platform when it comes to marketing. Post pictures that are clickable which includes a short caption. The given caption should be keyword optimized as it is how your pin will appear when visitors browse. The images should have good quality and must pop out in your feeds.
  • Linkedln presents job experience and professional views. It is an important site for business to business (B2B) people. It does not only drive traffic, but establishing through leadership, leads to prospecting, and recruiting. There are little conversations here, but you can still meet people from the same industry as yours. All you have to do is ask and some will answer. This can start a conversation which will show how expert you are in your field.

The websites above are where people are. The more people use the sites, the more you will have the chance to promote your product/s. Of course, there are other sites you can use. There are blog sites, customer view sites, location-based marketing sites, coupon sites, online photo-sharing services, and so on. Choose the site that suits your brand.