3 Factors Google Use to Choose Businesses for the Local Pack

The local pack is the portion below the Google map snippet, where the top three businesses are shown. This is a coveted spot for all businesses, as the results shown here enjoy better visibility and conversion. But the question is this: how does Google choose which businesses make the cut? It can be confusing, especially for business owners who don’t have in-depth knowledge about SEO. But to help you get started, the following factors are the main considerations Google use for the local pack:



If there’s one factor that Google would consider, it would be the location of the searcher. This is the reason why the local pack is golden for local businesses.

If a searcher looks up the keyword “wine store near me”, Google will automatically filter businesses that are within the searcher’s location. That way, the searcher will be given useful options, especially if he or she is planning to avail of a product.

However, the main struggle of new businesses is ensuring that they are attributed to the right location. Aside from claiming your business in the Google Map listing, you should also beef up your Google My Business account. That way, Google will recognize your accurate location.


The next most important factor is relevance. It’s when Google decides which businesses are related to the entered query. This way, the searcher will receive accurate search results that he or she can use.

For example, if the internet user searches for “wine store near me”, expect that only wineries and beverage stores will be considered for the local pack. If you have a bakeshop, you should aim to rank for keywords like “bakeshop near me” or “where to buy muffins near me”.

This is a very simple concept that will also guide you through picking the right keywords. Always stay relevant to your business and always focus on a specific niche.


The third factor is the prominence. This is where Google interprets the intent of the search and provides results as-is. For example, if the searcher looks up the keyword “wine stores in Los Angeles” only wine businesses in LA will be shown. This is regardless if the searcher is in LA or not. It’s because Google will only show results that are prominent to the search query used, prima facie.

The searcher may be planning to go to LA and visit a wine shop. Also, someone might be asking him or her to look up a business in a different place. Through this process, Google can provide accurate search results to each internet user.

Traditional factors also matter 

Traditional ranking factors also matter if you’re aiming for the local pack. Aside from the three points above, you should continuously optimize your business with local keywords. That way, you’ll appear to more searches and increase your potential of being in the local pack.

Start by updating your Google My Business account and signing up for more listings. Also, make sure that you claim your business in the Google Maps listing so you’ll show up more on the local pack.