Scottsdale Web Design – 3 Tips in Upgrading Your Current SEO Skills (Part 1)

Ask people who has been practicing SEO for years, and surely, they will tell you to go to conferences or check out SEO websites. But, theory is just theory! You also need to apply it in real life. So, how do you practice and improve your SEO knowledge? One practical advice would be that you observe other people’s experiences. Learning on your own can be hard. Luckily, this post will help you discover new ways to learn SEO, and give you few strategic choices to know what you need to know.

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  1. Reddit

Everybody in the digital marketing industry knows Reddit. But not everybody knows that it is also a good educational tool. The fun part about it is that it has communities in almost every single thing. You can inquire about SEO including Google’s current announcement in a few of dedicated sub-reddits particularly for SEO.

When you have a query it is like an open invitation to all SEOs around the globe. This will give you an entry point to professionals you don’t know exist. Know that there are no constraints whatsoever to giving advice in Reddit. This means anybody who has an account can say anything they want regarding your post. In no way will there be an appraisal on the kind of advice you have received. Aside from that, there could be disapproval and corrections from other people.

Now, there is another use of Reddit in developing your SEO know-how which is answering other people’s questions. It could hurt you, true, because people could point out you are wrong. However, that is learning opportunity for you… And because of that, you will remember of what was said to you. So, if you experience this, do not argue with people. Keep the atmosphere professional and cordial.

What you could do there is to ask more questions to make things clearer on your end and maybe you can see their point in another light. Who knows, they are really right and that will help you not to make a damaging mistake. It is a good idea to post your answer in a way that you are welcoming any comment from anyone. That way, someone will confirm your answer and the one who posted the message will not follow your advice assuming it is wrong.

  1. Write SEO Blog Posts

Another way to check your SEO knowledge is to write a guide so people will slowly understand the concept. With this, you could build material for your team. You could also do online publishing, and ask for reactions. This will fortify you and will reveal a new way of doing your job. What should be very useful is to ask netizens to give the guidelines a chance and to give constructive comments.

The procedure of building guidelines needs ample knowledge on your end to bring people to your door. By writing, you need to thoroughly research and unavoidably find out other procedures of gaining the ultimate result. It could likewise bring you to know more useful methods of doing your usual SEO job.

  1. Instructing Other People

Perhaps, there was a family reunion that you attended and found yourself trying to lecture about what you know. You could tell them that what you really care about are the search engines. Now, occasions like this will hone you as you answer their questions. You will then discover which area you know least which needs to be researched. This will likewise teach you to learn details of what you already know. Finally, it will definitely practice you to learn effective communication.

These exercises could help you to answer your future clients. Just keep on going and soon enough you will be an expert yourself.

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