4 VPN Softwares that Will Let You Browse Without Restrictions

device, internet, pixelsWhen you are using a public WiFi, it probably has a lot of restrictions and you will not be able to access certain websites. When you travel to some countries with heavy censorship, these programs listed below will absolutely help you out. For example, in China, YouTube is not accessible. They have their own video streaming sites like youku.com, iqiyi.com, and le.com. For whatever reason, you can now access numerous websites with the support of these programs.

  • UltraSurf
    • Price: FREE. Get it here!
      • UltraSurf is a lightweight and portable software you can carry around. There is no need for to install it. Once you have download Ultrasulf, just have to double click it and it’s working. No need to go through complicated procedures and the best part is that no registration is necessary. If you are sharing a computer, whether at home or at work, UltraSurf is a convenient program that will help you bypass restrictions and limits. Save it in your thumb drive and you can easily surf the internet wherever you may be.
  • Cyber Ghost VPN
    • Price: FREE. Download it here! You can get the paid version starting at $2.5 per month.
      • The free version of Cyber Ghost will still get you to surf anonymously, but it will contain ads. If it annoys, you have the option to upgrade to the premium service. Plus, the paid version is faster and allows you to connect 5 devices. If you are only using one device, the free version is still a great deal. You can still access video streaming websites, torrent anonymously, and update your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Spotflux
    • Price: FREE. Get it here! If you wish to upgrade, monthly subscription starts at $4.99.
      • Like Cyber Ghost VPN, Spotflux has a paid version. The free version has a limited access to all its features. The great thing about it is that it’s a cross-platform application. Spotflux guarantees you that it will work on every device whether it is Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android. Just download, install, and enjoy the internet like you always do. Spotflux will take care of the configurations by itself so you do not have to worry if you clicked the wrong option. Installation is absolutely fast and easy. Try it now!
  • Tor Browser
    • Price: FREE. Download it here!
      • Tor is a 100% free software that will help you protect your privacy. Tor browser prevents others to learn about your location and internet activity. It allows you to connect to different sites, instant messaging clients, or any website that is blocked by your local Internet service providers. The downside of Tor is that it is slower than the other paid services listed.


Browse with caution.

These programs will not be able to solve ALL anonymity problems. To fully protect yourself, be careful things you share online. Refrain from sharing every detail of your life. Whether you are doing an online transaction, or just browsing for interesting articles, no one will know from where you are connecting, who you are through the help of these programs. Internet privacy is important. It concerns all of us.