Everything you need to know about Social SEO?

Social media marketing is a pretty common digital marketing term. It’s a great way to use social media to increase the size of your audience, engage with customers and build your brand.

Reports suggest that the vast majority of SMBs have used social media as part of their marketing strategy. If you’ve used Facebook or Twitter to try and win more buisiness, you’ve also engaged in social media marketing. It’s probably worked, too.

But what is Social SEO?

Social SEO is the combination of social media marketing with search engine optiization strategies. The idea is to use social media to influence how you rank in Google and other search engines. It’s far from that simple, however.

It’s not just about using social media to support or supplement your SEO efforts, it’s about using social media as a tool to improve your rankings, just like you use backlinks or on-page optimization.

What’s wrong with normal SEO?

Nothing is wrong with normal SEO and you can absolutely improve your rankings by using traditional tactics. There’s also nothing wrong with using normal social media marketing tactics on their own, of course they won’t help you rank.

So what’s the point then?

What are the Benefits of Social SEO?

Combining traditional SEO with social media has the potential to supercharge your ranking efforts and help you get to the top of Google faster.

This is achieved through social backlinks.

Every time you share content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and link back to your website, you are essentially creating backlinks. These links don’t necessarily have SEO value, but the social interaction that happens with them does.

Social signals such as likes and shares are used by search engines to guage your site’s reputation and credibility, understand if you are still an active business and identify the kind of keywords you should be ranking for.

Here are some quick tips on using social media to improve your ranking:

  • Create great content that your readers love and want to share
  • Make it as easy as possible for readers to share your content
  • Create accounts on every social media platform
  • Keep sharing content on social media

Another benefit of focusing on social SEO is that it can increase how well your social media accounts rank online, as well as your website. This can be another big boost for your brand’s reach.

With social SEO you can have all of your accounts rank when someone searches your name, meaning you essentially own the top of the search results. But that can only happen if you invest in social media and social SEO.

Even if you can’t own the search results, having a big presence on each of the social platforms can significantly increase your visibility and increase the likelihood that people find your business.