Where To Find Stock Photos For Your New Website

One way to make your website look more reliable and appealing is to use high-quality images. Admit it, you tend to gravitate more towards attractive and nice pictures, and ignore something that looks bad. But the question is, where do you find these high-quality images online?  


There are many sources of stock photos online, either paid or free. Below, we’ll list our favorite sites that offer the best stock photos online.



Unsplash is a great source of background images and inspirational headers. This free image resource has more than 300,000 stock photos in total with many more added each day. What I love about this site is its constant offering of beautiful high-resolution pictures for everyone.


Almost all of the pictures on Unsplash are in fashion, meaning that you can find really attractive pictures easily. Like most free image sources, you’ll see a lot of pretty random pictures and landscapes. These are suitable for page backgrounds and headers.


IM Free

As suggested by its name, IM Free is a free resource of high-resolution pictures for commercial use. The pictures are carefully sorted into several categories including technology, health, and business. This makes navigation very easy and intuitive.



If you like humorous and unique images for your new website, then Gratisography is your best destination. This site offers free high-resolution images for commercial and personal use. The high-resolution pictures are sorted into different categories including animals, nature, and people.


Made by web designer Ryan Bell, Gratisography combines pictures with a sense of humor to showcase a variety of whimsical topics including dinosaur heads, crazy hair, and gluttony. The collection size is a bit small, about 380 photos to be exact.


Getty Images

Getty Images is a paid image resource which caters best for commercial use. They have a huge selection of images with more than 24 million in their database. Searching for a picture is easy because the search bar has a drop-down bar showing the different categories.



Burst offers thousands of free high-resolution pictures for everyone. This free image site is easy to use thanks to its wide variety of categories including business, music, and fashion. It’s ideal for developers, entrepreneurs, and designers.



Rawpixel is a good source of beautiful pictures for your business website. The collection of images tell a story which is ideal if you want to communicate subtly to your customers. This form of contextual images is hard to find in most free photo sources.


Rawpixel offers diversity in the people it captures. However, its collection size is quite small (about 243 photos). You’ll need to sign up with an email address to download any images.  



Shutterstock is a paid image resource which offers more than 189 million images. They provide attractive package deals to subscribers to download an unlimited number of images. Though some of the best quality pictures are expensive, this resource provides one of the best exclusive images.