Four Amazing Web Browser Alternatives

Browser on a laptop

Web browsing using Google.

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Despite the multitude of options out out there, when people talk about web browsers, it’s just a competition between Firefox or Chrome. No one even uses Internet Explorer anymore . Moreover, no one talks about the other available browsers that are more impressive. Read this guide if you want to end your Chrome or Firefox dependence. It’s time to upgrade for the better!

You might like these browsers:

  • Torch Browser  Try it here!
    • Torch has a built-in torrent manager. If you are fond of downloading torrents, you will find this browser really useful.
    • It also has a music section, and a game corner. You have access to various free music and casual games with needing to download them.
    • You can download video and audio files using Torch’s media grabber. With its built in player, you can watch the downloaded content right away. Now, there’s no risk in downloading malicious file downloaders that may harm your computer.
  • Yandex.Browser Get it now!
    • Once you have installed Yandex, you will first notice that you can customize the background and not just a static background, but a dynamic background.
    • The browser has reader mode making reading an easy task. It also supports .epub files so you can read ebooks without downloading any apps.
    • If your internet connection is slow, Yandex’s turbo mode will make your browsing faster.
  • Ice Dragon Browser You must try it!
    • Ice Dragon browser is not something new because it is a Firefox based browser. All your existing Firefox plug-ins and extensions are 100% functional.
    • The browser has a set of dedicated social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Pinterest) that will help you to instantly share any pictures or videos to your online friends.
    • It is the fastest and most secure version of Firefox because of the unparalleled security and privacy of Comodo.
  • Browzar  (It is just 222kb!) Download it now!
    • This browser is perfect for people whoa are tired of installing and registering. Just download the browser & go browse anything.
    • Browzar is compatible with all the different versions of Windows.
    • It does not store any cookies, history, temp files, & passwords.

There’s an ideal browser that fits your needs.

What is best among the four browsers listed? It really depends on your needs. Choose Torch if you prefer a multimedia browser. It is integrated with a media grabber, music, games, media player, and many more. If you do more surfing and reading, Yandex.Browser is a great choice. When your internet gets sluggish, the turbo mode will give you a boost. It also has an embedded protection system. You will protected from possible security threats like identity theft, DNS spoofing, and annoying pop-up advertisements. IceDragon features privacy and performance upgrades over the basic Firefox with  Comodo’s Secure DNS. When you use a lot of shared computers, Browzar is a great choice because it will automatically clean up once you are done. Whatever you need, surely, there ibos a browser that is perfect for you!