How to Get Clients to Review Your Business

Customer reviews are a double-edged sword. It can both be a powerful tool to boost a business’ revenue and a crippling aspect if customers leave negative comments. With potential customers using verified reviews as the basis for their purchasing decision, businesses have to exhaust all means to gain the most coveted positive review.

It could be challenging to encourage a customer to review your business, but you can always do the following tips:

Make it easy for your customers

Every customer wants convenience, especially if you’re running an online store. It’s the reason why you should always make submissions of reviews easy in every aspect.


In brick-and-mortar stores, you can set up a review kiosk where customers can write reviews in private. For online stores, emails will do a good job. Make sure that it links toward the review page of your site or store.

Always follow up

When it comes to customer reviews is to ask than wait. Most customers will forget about reviewing the product or service they purchased. It’s your job to follow it up to them. Take note that many customers only need a little nudge.


When sending follow-ups for reviews, always be witty and choose the right timing. If the customer raised an issue, solve it first before asking for a review. This way, the review will likely be positive than negative.

Use surveys

Not all customers will take time to type their thoughts about your business. To make it easy for customers to give their feedback, you can use a survey format.


About three to five questions should do the trick. Ten questions and beyond are too many. You should remember that online users have a short attention span. It’s rare for a user to finish a 20-question survey without getting distracted.

Give incentives

Customers love it when they get something for free. You can actually do this by incentivizing the person when he or she leaves a review. Virtual coins or a discount on the next purchase are very attractive.


The idea of gaining something out of the simple manner of writing a review always works its magic. Aside from gaining reviews, you’re also encouraging the user to purchase another product or service.

Mobile-first is the key

Remember: your review page should always be mobile-responsive. A large portion of shoppers will browse using their mobile devices. If your pages aren’t mobile supported, the user will close and move on with their lives. The same goes for email follow-ups.

Always say thank you

‘Thank You’ is free to say so give it lavishly to your customers. Always reply to the customers who left reviews with personal two to three sentences. Don’t just use a thumbs-up or smiling emoji here. Make it personal so your customers will feel that you’re connecting with them.


Do the same for negative reviews. It’s actually your way of fixing the issue and restoring their trust in your business.


You can schedule these replies in the morning. It’s best to make it habit so you can also monitor your business reviews.