How to Rank Above Your Competitor

Putting your best business foot forward doesn’t only have to be creating impressive products and services. While it is important to show how friendly and necessary your business is to potential consumers, you must also never forget to include the ways you can improve marketing your business. Successfully doing this makes your business stand out from your competitors; which, in turn, could ensure a wider customer reach. However, in this technologically driven world, where people rely so much on search engines to look for products, information, and businesses; marketing your business online could prove to be difficult. It is necessary, then, that you learn how to make your business’ website rank higher in search engine results pages; most specifically on Google. And if you have no idea how to do this, then simply read on.

Google Layout

The first thing that you must understand when it comes to rankings is Google’s search results layout. This pertains to what the users directly see in the results whenever they enter a search queries. The three types of results displayed are:

  • Paid
  • Organic
  • Local results

The first one or the paid results are the ones shown at the topmost and bottommost part of the page. Those in between the results page are the organic results. While those that are in the middle of the top paid results and organic results are the local results. Making use of all of this information will help your website rank higher than your competitors on Google.

Ranking Position

To garner more visitors and, eventually, a higher ranking, you must see to it that your website is placed on Google’s first page of search results. As you may have experienced already, rarely will you go past the first page to look for other search results. This is the same reason why, statistically, 61.5% of the clicks are usually made to the page’s top three organic results. Therefore, if you find your website falling short from the top three, then your competitors in those top spots are usually the ones to get around 3 to 25% more clicks than you. To remedy this dilemma and boost your search results ranking above your competitors, we have compiled the following options you can do:

Consistent Content

As with everything that is good and of high quality, improving your website’s SEO entails consistency. You can’t expect to garner results directly after you have employed various SEO techniques. Instead, you must learn how to monitor and be consistent with your SEO. One way to do this is by consistently posting new and valuable content that is search engine optimized. This technique can be seen in the number of businesses with their own blogs.

Updated Pages

Aside from having consistent content, you must also keep your homepage and product pages updated when necessary. This also asks you to get more substantial backlinks to your website. If all of these sounds like a lot of work to you, then it is better for you to hire an SEO agency to handle all of the SEO marketing tasks for you.

Keyword Research

To rank higher, it is important that you target the right and specific keyword search phrases. Looking for the proper keywords, however, asks you to do a keyword research. This is a task that helps you find the keywords your audience most likely use for search queries. There are also helpful tools you can use online to do this such as website analytics and Google Keyword Planner.