The Impact Of Color On Your Website’s Design

Web design needs to accomplish a lot of things. It should look appealing, be easy to navigate, and capture the attention of readers. One way to impact the user’s behavior is to use color.


Color holds a strong power in affecting the emotions and behavior of people. When it meets your eye, it urges the thyroid glands to release hormones that cause the change in emotion, mood, and attitude. Read on to know exactly how colors play in web design.


Where To Use Colors?

The impact of colors on your website might not be instantly apparent but they do create a difference. The main areas that you must consider are the borders, backgrounds, pop-ups, headlines, and buttons.


The selection of colors in these key areas relies on the type of users that your website targets. Let’s discuss more details now.


Selecting The Right Color

Color is very crafty. You have to know how to use it properly with the appropriate audience and for the right reason.


Studies show that women prefer primary colors (purple, green, and blue) and dislike earthy tones (orange, gray, and brown). On the other hand, men are attracted to masculine colors (blue, black, and green) but are averted with purple, brown, and orange.


Look at the website of Avon. You’ll notice that there are no earthy tones on the homepage. Meanwhile, the homepage of Axe has black as the background to appeal to their male audience.


Color Tips That Will Enhance Conversion Rates

Making the psychology of color as the basis, we made a lit of colors and the emotions they invoke. These colors can help improve your website’s conversion rates when done properly.


Use Blue To Gain Trust

Blue gives a subtle message of serenity and reliability. That’s why a lot of the biggest social network and banking websites use this color, like Facebook, Paypal, and Capital One. Never use this color for a food website because it can restrict appetite.


Green For Outdoor And Organic Products

If your website relates to organic, outdoor, and environment, then green might be a perfect color option. Green is usually associated with nature, eco-friendly, and outdoors. When isolated, it can be a good color for call-to-action.


Red Is Effective For Call To Actions

Red is a truly an eye-catching color. It’s linked with power, boldness, and passion. If you want your website to be youthful, choose bright red.


Orange Grabs Attention, Yet Sophisticated

Compared to red, orange is more subtle and balanced. Fun, brilliant, and energetic, this color suits designs that require physical activity and energy. It’s also perfect as a background for websites that have anything to do with gadgets.


Black To Give A Sense Of Elegance

Black is a luxurious color. It gives a feeling of elegance, power, and style. It suits best for websites that focus on luxury products and premium commerce services. If you like to bring contrast with the other colors in your website, use black.