5 Marketing Ideas to Include in Your Email List

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You need to email to your subscribers regularly to keep them in the loop. The challenging part is to generate ideas on what to send to your email list. What will keep them interested in knowing more about your website? What will convert subscribers to buyers? If you want to continually increase your sales, it’s important to entice your audience with these email ideas that they cannot simply resist.

In this post, you will be learning 5 email marketing ideas to help you gain more customers for your website.

  • How to guides for first-time customers

    • This your opportunity to build hype for the products your customers ordered increase their chances for buying more items on your website.
    • You can explain that since this is very first purchase from your website, you have include some tips and tricks for the proper usage of the item. You can redirect them to your website for official guides and detailed tutorials.
    • This strategy is not only helpful to customers, but also presents an commendable customer service. When there are complex purchases that needs specific instructions, an email can help lessen the customers’ worries.
  • Abandon cart emails

    • Remind your customers that they left an item on their cart. Let them remember why they visited your website and that there was an item that they were interested in.
    • Present a sense of urgency. For example, there are only 5 stocks left. They shouldn’t miss this chance to avail this item.
    • There are many ways to write a helpful abandoned cart email and it just depends on your brand. As a matter of fact, some websites write a casual and funny reminder email. Whatever writing style you choose, tell them that they are so close on getting an item they want.
  • Special deals for those loyal customers

    • Send an email to your best customers and remind them why they are the the best in the world. Give them a special reward as your way of thanking them. Most will be delighted that’s for sure!
    • They will pay more attention since it’s not an email reminder about your next sale or deals of the week.
    • Offer a special discount and give them a coupon code that they can use on any purchase. A code like THANKS1080 is something they can use once they checkout and will receive a 20% off.
  • Reconnect with former customers.

    • This is different from your loyal customers discount. This discount is  available for customers who haven’t had purchases in a while. To encourage them to buy something immediately, offer a limited time discount.
    • Remind them that this offer is only extended to email subscribers that you miss  and as a sign of good faith, you are offering a discount, free shipping, or free gift. Your customers stopped buying for a reason and whatever that is, approach in a friendly manner.
  • Exclusive Content

    • Email marketing is a great way to offer exclusive content with your customers. Fun quizzes, free e-books, and free downloads are some of the few things you can include in your email. This is to encourage them to stay subscribed because these exclusive offers are available only for your email list.

Encouraging customers to sign up on your email list can have a huge impact on your website and it’s one sure way to bring in sales. A creative email message plus a strong email list can give you that big boost you need.