Scottsdale Web Design – Web Design Tips from Amazon (Part 2)

Person Using an Amazon Kindle.

One of Amazon’s best-selling product: Kindle.

This is the 2nd Amazon post of the 3-part series. If you need to refresh your memory on part 1, you can view it here.  For this blog post, I will discuss the importance of building an exclusive circle, of consistent to your brand image and more. So, here are the 3 tips you can learn from Amazon.

  • Welcome to the club.
    • When all your customers give out honest reviews, they gain a following for impartial opinions on the products. These relationships draw more traffic to your website.
    • Since customers know these reviews are genuine and trustworthy, they don’t mind allocating $12.99 a month to exclusive clubs like Amazon Prime. Once customers are part of it, they have eligible to utilize faster shipping options.
    • There’s a one-day shipping, a two-day shipping, and FREE same-day delivery. Other than that, customers have an unlimited access to selected books, albums, and movies.
    • How can you apply this to your website? Ask your followers what they want to see on your site.  Offer concrete solutions to pressing issues. The great thing is that your solution does not need to be a product. You can help them through providing high quality content. You can offer them these exclusive contents via email. Your email list will be the only one to read these exclusive content and videos.
  • Strive to be consistent.
    • If there’s ONE word to describe the top brands, it would be consistent. These popular brands do not focus on short-term goals. Hence, they always look to the years ahead. You are best representation your brand. You have to be consistent in what you share to your customers.
    •  If you are arbitrary and capricious, no one will ever trust your actions. If you constantly change your image, it will just confuse existing customers. Potential customers won’t trust you because you are unsure.
    • To be more convincing, you need to be certain of your plans, goals, and aspirations for the company.  Amazon has been consistently offering free 5-8 days shipping for orders over $25. Amazon Prime members enjoy same-day delivery, release-date delivery, and two-day shipping.
    • Another concrete example is Facebook. The company logo has been consistently blue. The company wasn’t eager to change its logo because Facebook is known to be blue. The words trust and strength are associated with the color blue.  If you need help regarding colors, these guidelines might be useful for you.
  •  “Add to Cart” is better.
    • Proimpact7, a web optimization agency, analyzed the user experience of different websites. They specifically studied the call-to-action (CTA) buttons that had captions like “buy now,” “shop now,” and “purchase now.” The results were conclusive and proved that these buttons are NOT effective.
    • If you have noticed, Amazon uses “add to cart” button. There is NO “buy now” on the website even if you do a thorough search right now. Follow the suit and apply the “add to cart” button instead. Customers click it often because they are sure that they are NOT handing over their hard-earned money yet.
    • So, people have no problem on clicking “add to cart” because they know that sales are not final yet. They don’t hesitate in clicking the button even though it’s practically the same with its “buy now” counterpart.  “Add to Cart” is subtle yet powerful CTA button.

How to Create Efficient CTA Buttons

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First of all, for those of us who are not well-versed in the website terminologies, what is a call-to-action button? A call-to-action button or CTA button is created to induce website visitors to take action and check out your website. If CTA buttons are designed properly, they can be an effective marketing tool.


  • For a CTA button to be effective, consider your website’s overall design.
  • CTA buttons should be related to your business. For example, if you in the hospitality industry and you have a HOTEL business, a BOOK NOW button is more appropriate than a SHOP NOW button.



    When dealing with CTA buttons, do NOT be vague! You need to your word choices clear so he/she will know where that particular CTA button will redirect. No need to choose flowery words. Be concise and direct by telling them to “SHOP NOW” because items are on sale. If you want them to explore, use words like “SEE MORE” to view the bargain bin items. Another tip is to keep short. You do not have design a sentence long button. Limit you CTA buttons to 2 words at most. Using CTA buttons will greatly help in conversion. Approximately, a CTA button is 2.5 times better than mere text alone.


    Different strokes for different folks. Of course, there’s no perfect color that will appeal to everyone. But you consider the design of your website. If your website is dominantly red, then, avoid making your CTA buttons red, orange, or yellow. It will be like a chameleon and it will NOT stand out. Your customers won’t easily spot a BUY NOW button. A darker shade will be ideal to contrast the bright red color.


    Usually, in a web page, there’s at least two CTA buttons visible. One is used to tell the customers to LEARN MORE about the product or to SEE MORE detailed product description. The other button is to urge them to avail a product. It can either an ADD TO CART or BUY NOW button. This is an important button to successfully buy a product so you have to make sure the customers do not have to browse to the bottom of the page to click the purchase button. Conveniently place them on the top most part of a web page.


    If you have not learned about the HOVER EFFECT, then, it’s time you should! A hover effect occurs when a mouse over command is applied and your CTA button’s color will change. This helps in drawing more attention to that SHOP NOW button to encourage website visitors to click on them directing them to a particular product page.  A blinking button can be an eyesore and annoying at times so it is preferred to just highlight those buttons when a mouse hovers over them.


It is one of the many ways one can attract more customers and satisfy existing ones. This does not only does that for you but it also gives a little more convenience to your customers. If you want to do CTA buttons the right and effective way, follow these full proof tips and watch your business soar.