Scottsdale Web Design – Web Design Tips from Amazon (Part 1)

If you read the previous post, it was about Amazon’s convincing powers to upsell, cross-sell, and pre-sell. Now, this blog post is still about Amazon. I will be carefully breaking down the things that make Amazon a leader in the eCommerce industry.  Below are 3 web design tips you can learn from Amazon:

  • Colors.

    • Amazon gives importance to colors. If you study Amazon’s product page very carefully, you will notice that hyperlinks are blue. You will easily notice these clickable links. On the other hand, the product details are black so it’s very readable and scannable. The only details in red are the price and discount. You can’t ignore the details because the color red highlights how much you will save and how much is price now.
    • Based on studies, consumers click blue links more. The color blue is associated with trust and confidence. It’s no wonder why the different sellers/brands on Amazon are all blue. You are encouraged to click these brands and check out their products.
    • Red is the color of bravery. Amazon prices are indicated in red because they want customers to be brave and take the leap. It’s subtly suggesting to be brave and add that pink dress you have been eyeing for days! It’s whispering to you to take courage and add the items you want in your shopping cart!
    • People opt to choose colorful products over monochromatic ones. However, color is matter of personal preference. Different colors evoke different reactions from people depending on their taste. To understand the different usage of colors, I’ve posted about it here. If you need useful color scheme tools, there’s a useful list over here.
Rainbow Design Decoration

Choosing the colors the works well with your website is extremely important.

  • Urgency.

    • Amazon has mastered the art of creating a sense of urgency. If a customer has been following a certain product, then, you indicate on your website that there’s ONLY 3 items left. This will convince him to purchase the item immediately. It’s powerful strategy when you need to give your customers a friendly nudge to finally buy it.
    • In order for you to create a huge demand, the first thing you have to do is identify the NEED. Ask your followers what products/services they want see in the future. You can collect their suggestions through an online form. You can create your own survey using tools such as limesurvey, jotform, and ninjaform.
  •  Categorize.

    • Try to group similar products together. Amazon is pretty good in doing this strategy.
    • If you find yourself needing a point & shoot camera for your trip to Italy, you see a lot of cheap digital cameras on Amazon. Upon browsing for the perfect travel camera, Amazon suggests that you may need an extra memory card for storing photos. Oh, maybe you need a travel charger too.
    • Amazon is being subtle, yet it’s very effective, right? You only wanted a camera when you started your search. However, you ended up adding 2 more items to you cart.
    • Plus, when these items are bought together, you may save on costly shipping, or you are eligible to get the items for a special bundle price. Customers will easily conclude that they’ve managed to save some bucks by buying a bundle.