Scottsdale SEO – Boosting Online Ranking Through Email Marketing

When about half of the global population uses email, you start to realize that email marketing is crucial to your business’ success. Email marketing also affects the growing number of mobile users.  So, if you have used this to your advantage, it’s time to start doing so now. Read the 5 tips below:

  • Be active on social media. Emails won’t increase your ranking. However, the content will! Email your subscribers to promote engagement and interaction. These emails will motivate people to share your new content on social media. Emails will help if you consider…
    • Emailing when you have something new to share to your followers.
    • In these emails, include share buttons that your subscribers can easily click. Encourage them to share the new content to their social media accounts.
    • Add the appropriate links to your emails so the subscribers can easily share what piqued their interest. Once they share, acknowledge their efforts and constantly interact with your followers.
  • Redirect your web visitors to lessen your bounce rates. It is NOT enough for people to visit your website for their view to count. They have to stay and linger for awhile. If a visitor just leaves your website, they are just “bouncing.” Thus, the term bounce rate.
  • To lessen your website’s bounce rate,  give your visitors a reason to stay for a bit. Maybe there’s a discount for their first purchase. Any incentive would surely entice visitors to stay and check out what your website has to offer.
Person checking emails.

Improving Your Online Ranking By Email Marketing.

  • Rehash your old content.  Email newsletters do not need to be always new. You can use old list of interesting finds or highlight an important post you created back then. Most likely, you have produced quality posts or lists so send them out again. Some people may have not seen it yet. Just think of new ways to present them in a different manner.
  • Remind them to review.  One of the most search items online are product reviews. Generally, people will likely search for online reviews before deciding to purchase. This is why reviews are crucial in boosting your current ranking.
  • Email customers to remind them to leave a review on the products they recently purchased. Provide links that can easily bring them back to the review page. Be polite in asking for suggestions and reactions.
  • Organize your email list. Now that you have a list of people subscribed to your email list, make sure to use this data to your advantage. Send tailor-made content your subscribers based on their:
    • Their gender, age, including their education.
    • Their latest purchase.
    • Particular hobbies and interests.
    • Current location.
  • This will ensure that emails are tailor-made for them and they are more likely to open and react to these emails.

I hope this post has guided you to the right direction. Tweak the tips to your own preference and test what works for you.  Take note of the most effective email campaigns so you can repeat it once in awhile. Try and try until you see a positive change in your rankings.

3 Ways to Make Money with Your Email List

What do you do the moment you wake up? You look for your phone to check the time. After, you proceed to check for any urgent messages. We all do it, right? Email messages are a part of our morning routine. In this day and age, email has become a necessity because it is where important notifications are; be it on our personal social media or on our digital workspace. By the end of 2018,  email accounts in the US are expected to surpass the 248.7 million mark.

Website showing new products

Promoting products to your email subscribers.

Everyone is using an email account especially when it’s their first time to log in on a website. Hence, it is not wise for you to NOT invest on email marketing. Is it really true that you can find money in your email list? Yes, it is possible!

How to make magic? Well, I have listed below 3 ways to help you advertise your products to your email subscribers .

  • Promote a product on your confirmation (or thank you) email!

    • When a customer buys from your website, your initial reaction would be to say thank you. You will acknowledge that you have received their order and this email is the official confirmation.
    • Included in the email, you will list details of the order, the items bought, the price they paid for each item. To transform this email into something that generates income, you should promote your other products on the side. Remind your customer of the other existing offers.
    • Add a call-to-action button that redirects the customer to the product page directly. To convince the customer even more, you can add 5-star product reviews. Surely, the customer will be curious to check out what the fuss is all about.
  • Repeat successful promos.

    • Did you start a 3-day sale that went viral or you had a previous promotion that was avidly loved by many? Either way, you should definitely do it again. If it works for you, then, make it a yearly event.
    • Email your subscribers the same time each year regarding your annual Christmas sale event. Inspect all your offers and promotions and repeat those successful ones. People think they’re saving a lot of money when the say a huge discount advertised on emails.
    • Just make sure to NOT overdo it. Like I said earlier, an annual SALE event is not bad a strategy. In fact, it’s a great way to make money instantly.
  • Group your email subscribers.

    • What do I mean when I say organize? You should learn to divide your email subscribers. Study your email stats carefully and take a look at how many clicks one campaign garnered. This way, you will have an idea how many exactly are interested in the product  and how many are just mere bystanders.
    • You can group it by the number of click-throughs, page views, and purchase made. By segmenting, you can focus on the email campaigns that work and ditch the ones that don’t. Easy peasy!

As a way to end this post, I will redirect you to another email marketing related post about the different ideas to include in your email list. If you want to know tips in selling your products, I shared 8 important tips here. Just remember, whether you have 5 subscribers or 5,005 subscribers, you should always be thankful for these people. Each subscriber will help you on your way up. Never break their trust!