Why thematic blogging improves SEO

Do you want to rank well in Google? Then your site is going to need two things: quality backlinks and great, relevant content. Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows about the importance of backlinks. But most people aren’t aware of the importance of having thematically related content. So much so, that we would say that a lack of thematic content is one of the biggest issues we face when working on client websites. Because, despite having great websites with decent content, they don’t have enough content for Google to associate their site with a particular topic. And, as a result, they don’t rank as highly as they should. That’s why we’re going to take time today to cover the importance of thematic content, why you should blog and the kind of results that you can expect.

From what we’ve seen, and according to the research of other SEO authorities, relevance can be a huge factor in helping smaller website beat larger authorities. If Google thinks that your smaller site is more knowledgeable on a certain topic than a larger site, it will give you priority in the search results.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if you have one great post on a topic. If you have no other related content for that keywords, Google won’t rank you as high as you could. If you create several pieces of supporting content related to that theme, however, and build quality links, then you should see your rankings quickly increase.

How we’ve helped clients improve their thematic SEO

We have helped a number of clients improve their thematic SEO to great effect. There is one client in the auto industry for who that has proved particularly effective. They were ranking high for Porsche-related terms but they wanted to increase their services to cater for Audi, too. They had pages, but because their site was only about Porsche, they didn’t rank well.

Once we had analyzed their site and realized the issue was with a lack of thematic content, we set about creating a blogging package that would make sure Google associated the website for Audi as well as Porsche. The results were fantastic. Over a four-month period, their rankings went from page 2 and 3 to almost all page 1.

Audi Repair Seattle11
Seattle Audi Repair176
Audi Service Seattle259
Seattle Audi Service238
Audi Tuning Seattle135
Seattle Audi Tuning113


The site now ranks on page one for all but the most competitive term. And we have no doubt that they will rank on page one for that term too shortly.

This demonstrates just how important thematic content is and why you need to start blogging today.


Improve your blogging today

If you think you need help with thematic content, we can deliver results similar to what we have shown above. Our blogging packages are designed to help you rank for more keywords and to help you increase your thematic content. Get in touch today to find out more.