The Value of Site Search


Site search is more than just a tool for convenience. As more and more e-commerce platforms appear on the web, businesses are finding ways to improve their sales and stand out in the market. The hidden value of site search has been benefiting many websites, especially those who are running marketing campaigns.

Site search has yielded positive results both on commerce and transactional aspects. About 87% of site searchers are seen to fulfill marketing goals compared to those who don’t search. Still, this can only be achieved if the site search feature is well optimized to target your money keywords and posts.

The buying power of site searchers

Site searchers don’t just use such features for a fast way of finding stuff on your website. According to experts, about 43% of these searchers will end up buying a product or service on your website.

When an internet user searches exactly for a specific item, he knows what he wants. There’s already a buying intent. And even if the searcher doesn’t buy upfront, there’s a chance that this person will go back to finally pay for the item he has searched for.

Based on the transactional behavior of internet users, those who search the site will have six times more probability of buying. All you have to do is to point them directly to the stuff that they want with added marketed items.

Retaining the traffic

A lot of companies are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to gain more traffic to their website. However, the pursuit of fulfilling a marketing goal doesn’t stop there. Companies have to retain the traffic to earn more. The longer the person stays on your website, the higher the chance that he will be exposed to more products and marketing campaigns in it.

Site search is one good way to keep your visitors digging. When they keep finding items that they want or relate to, the chance of buying becomes higher.

The value of retaining traffic has been proven to be massive. In fact, an increased retention in traffic can yield as much as $60,000 in a large e-commerce company. For most businesses, it’s usually six times their usual income setting aside some factors that may affect searchability.

Putting value on-site search

It’s not just about putting that small box with a magnifying glass on your website. You should target value at all times. Always ensure that the internal search engine of your website yields relevant searches for various keywords. Exact and case sensitive searching may not be the best option if you want your visitors to find what they want. Take most shopping sites for example. It yields related results despite typing errors or misspellings.

Who would have thought that this small detail can make a big difference in your site’s revenue? Making it easy to use and efficient will make your possible buyers stay on your site longer. A site search serves as the navigating tool around your platform. Utilize its potential for your benefit.