10 Ways to Promote Your Website’s Content

Working in a group

If you think making a website is easy, wait until to the marketing part. Figuring out ways to effectively market your website’s content can be quite challenging. How should you do it? Where should you share your content. There are a variety techniques you can apply. Choosing the right method for your website is different. Novice websites have limited budget allocated for marketing. These tips will not include a specific social media website. There will a separate post for it: right here.

In this particular blog post, I’ll be listing many ways to promote your website aside from the usual social media sites.

  • Add That Social Media Sharing Button on your Website

    This is obvious, but still, some websites do not apply this. Make it easier than website visitors to spread your content around different social media sites. There are free sharing tools that you add to your website like AddThis and ShareThis.

  • Go to Social Bookmarking Websites.

    The top three social bookmarking websites now are Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. These websites great sources of information. Users of these sites will vote on stories that they feel that are deserving of attention. Posting here will help increase traffic on your website.

  • Post a Tip of the Day

    If you can post daily, a tip of the day blog post is recommended. You will be providing quality content by sharing the things you know.

  •  Post a Video Tip of the Week

    If time doesn’t permit, you can opt to post a video tip of the week instead. Create helpful instructional videos that would make people’s lives more productive. Just keep short so people can easily take in the information.

  • Administer Contests

    Let your website visitors do the marketing for you. Do user-generated content contest. Let people design your product or perhaps, let them submit an artwork to be featured in your website.

  • Use the Thank You Pages

    Once they entered a contest on your website, say thank you for entering and add other elements to the web page. You can link your popular posts and offer a discount code. A 50% off on their first purchase on your website is pretty hard to resist.

  • Do Giveaways

    People are always on different social media sites nowadays. Gain more engagements by doing giveaways. People like and share your giveaway post and that will create a domino effect. Soon, you’ll gain more exposure for your website.

  • Reach out to Content Communities

    People get the latest news about their hobbies and interest different content communities like BizSugar, Blog Engage, and Triberr. You can meet people with the same interests and that would really help in increasing your website’s traffic.

  • Post on Unusual Places

    Well, you can also experiment and post your content on the most unlikely places. I’m sure it will create a lot of noise! A travel website once gave a trip for two to users of a social search app. What were the odds? You were just looking for a someone to chat with and you ended up getting travel tickets.

  • Connect with Brands that You Mention

    If you write about your favorite things, of course, you will be recommending products and websites. Once you promote your post, reach out to them by tagging them on your social media posts. People love it when someone promotes them. They will appreciate it for sure and will spread the word about your post!