What your website’s design says about your company

Upon opening the official website of your company, whatever is displayed on it will be the foundation of your company’s image. First impressions are important. So it is advisable that you put in the effort to have a good one.

One of the many ways to earn good first impression of your company is the design of your website. How your company’s website is designed will have more to say to prospective clients than words do.

Having said all that, what does it exactly say about your company?

Graphics User Interface (GUI) and Navigation

No visitor, client or user will be happy to do business with your company if you have a poorly made Graphic User Interface (GUI) and navigational keys or tabs on your company website. That’s why it’s best that you keep the design simple but still modern or professional-looking, perceptive, up-to-date with the latest trends and with your target audience, content and goals for the future in mind.

Design and Appearance

Every visitor or client checking your website will always judge you on the appearance of your website’s design before coming to a decision. Although this means they’re judging the book by its cover, the fact that this will be their first impression of your website won’t change. How your website is presented visually, ranging from its color schemes, typeface, style and down to your company logo, will be your key to get positive reactions from your visitors.

Branding and Professionalism

A good company must have professional branding and advertisement of themselves. This includes the logo of your company, which will be a crucial factor in how you want to convey your motivations and messages to your visitors. It can be either cartoony, artistic, unusual or just plain simple. How you want it to be seen is up to you.


In this modern and technology advanced era, it is very important that you consider the needs and types of devices your audience has. Since people often have their phones close to themselves at all times and surf the net very frequently, you can take advantage of this fact by having a mobile-friendly design for your company website so that it can be easily accessible from across various devices.

Speed and Stability

Whenever a website/page takes too long to load or has errors, you will sometimes get fed up with it and leave for a better one. A slow and unstable website isn’t good for your company or your clients. A good company website must be designed to be fast and stable in the long run. It must be regularly maintained and kept compact. That way, your website can load faster, and lesser time will be wasted.

So, what does your website say about you? Are you an innovative forward-thinking company? Or are you stuck in the past?