2018’s web design trends to watch out for


Is it time to create a new website this year? If so there are certain trends that you should be watching out for and ready to take advantage of. Web design in 2018 is going to look a lot different than it did in a lot of the previous years and understanding the trends will be crucial to creating a website that can stand the test of time. Don’t go mad with the trends listed below, however. Use them all and your website will look a mess. Go through them all carefully, however, and select the best ones for your brand and you’ll be able to create an awesome forward-thinking website that gives your business a great reputation and earns you loads more customers.


Brash and vibrant color schemes

2018 is not the year to use understated colors on your site. One of the biggest trends that you will see when browsing the web in 2018 is the use of highly saturated and vibrant colors on the websites of the biggest and coolest brands. For years now, designers have stuck to relatively safe web colors. But now they are throwing off the shackles, partly in an effort to create something new and partly because screen displays now offer a much higher resolution that means these kind of colors look better than ever. Use this trend and you’ll be sure to create a bold and eye-catching website.


Think mobile first

THIS is the one trend on the list that you absolutely must follow. To not do so would jeopardize the future of your website and your business. Even now with the huge roll that mobile plays in our lives, some new websites are still designed that aren’t mobile friendly. This is a huge no-no. Not only will it make for a bad user experience or your customers (and they won’t be customers much longer) it also risks you being penalized by Google. Because if your site isn’t mobile friendly they won’t be ranking you high in mobile search results. Speak to an experienced web design company to make sure you get a high quality mobile responsive website.


Illustrations en masse for the first time

Everyone loves illustrations in books and magazines. But they were sadly lacking from websites for a long time. This was partly due to design tastes and partly because it was head to create illustrations that looked good on a website. But not anymore. Some of the biggest companies in the world are using illustrations to sell their products and services and you should be too. It won’t just help you explain your offering better, it will help boost your company’s image, too.


Gradients are making a comeback

We’ve all got used to flat design over the last few years but gradients will be making a comeback in 2018. It won’t be the icon style gradients that you used to see on the iPhone apps, however. These will be bog, vibrant color gradients used over images and for backgrounds to create more interesting effects than flat design could hope to achieve.


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