4 Must-Haves For Your Landing Page

A landing page is a vital must-have for any website because it offers a targeted platform for turning higher rates of visitors into leads. In fact, landing pages have an average conversion rate of 5-15%, higher than focusing on your website’s homepage. While landing pages work better than main site pages, they can do much better if they contain these four elements.

Captivating Headlines

Your visitors will first see and read the headline of your landing page. So it’s only practical that you make a compelling headline that will affect them immediately.

Take Basecamp for example. The web application company post an image of a real customer and turn the headline into a quote that enumerated benefits that a customer can receive. The outcome was a great increase in the conversion rate by more than 100%.

To make killer headlines, make sure that you connect with the wants and issues of your visitors. Encourage your visitors to act urgently by offering a deadline or useful offers. Don’t forget to use words that will trigger the emotion of your users.

Convincing Subheadline

If the headline grabs the attention of users, the subheadline should make them linger. A subhead is a component of the one-two punch of a landing page’s ability. It should be convincing to lure your visitors to stay on the page.

You create the subheadline by pushing the concept of the headline a little bit further. Typically, the convincing subheadline is placed directly underneath the main headline. It can go slightly deeper and more detailed than the main headline.

Pictures And/Or Videos

The brain can process images way faster than text. A user will be impacted by the pictures on your landing page instantly. To give an impact, use large pictures.

The pictures should be related to your goods or service. If you’re selling a desktop, it’s necessary that your landing page contains a picture of a desktop. Use high-resolution pictures for a great visual appeal.

You can also use videos to tell your story. According to EyeView Digital, landing pages with videos can increase their conversion rate by 80%. Also, users tend to remember the messages in the videos.

When putting a video on your landing page, use a tempting thumbnail to captivate your audience. Place your video above the fold and keep it sufficiently meaty to be interesting.

Value Proposition

The value proposition is a feature meant to make a product or company appealing to customers. It basically answers the question, “What’s in it for the users?”

The best way to present your value proposition is to make a list of benefits. You can use a simple bullet point to list the benefits of a product or service. Benefits should be clearly directed on the user, not the company.

Think of how the user will benefit your product or service. Let’s say your selling makeup. Instead of saying “We have natural-based foundation”, say “Your face will be blemish-free.”

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