4 Ways to Improve Your Google My Business Profile Right Now

A Google My Business (GMB) account is crucial for every business that aims to boost its local online visibility. Aside from signing up and beefing your account with as much content you can muster, there are more ways to improve your profile. This way, you can maximize the tool’s potential in boosting your conversion and bottom line.

To leverage your GMB advantage, here are some hacks you can apply:

Don’t resort to spammy tactics

Both Google and your customers hate spammy methods. It’s annoying and it only does your business a disservice. As Google gets smarter, spammy methods will only bury your business in the depths of the search results.

Always be real and natural. This way, your customers will trust you and patronize your brand. However, you should know that Google detects when you pay a customer or business to leave fake reviews. This will flag your account and will impact your online reputation.

Remember that quality is always important than quantity. Spam content will only penalize your business accounts.

Encourage your customers to leave a review

After a customer purchases your service or product, encourage the person to leave a review on your GMB account. You can offer a small reward so you can push the customer to take the time for a short yet valuable review, but it’s best not to.

Take note that your GMB reviews will speak more about your business’ reputation than the testimonials you put up on your website. Google reviews are real and first-hand accounts of actual customers.

A potential customer will likely trust a business if it has at least 10 to 15 positive reviews on Google.

Always respond to negative reviews

Reviews aren’t always a bed of roses. Some customers will not be satisfied with your service or product, which leads to a negative review. Still, you should respond to this and try to find the best solution.

Ignoring Google reviews will not do any good. Worse, it will just linger on your account and impact your reputation. Replying to the negative review gives you a chance to regain your reputation and for the customer to edit it with better feedback.

Take note that many customers will talk about how you handle their complaints. This is a crucial aspect for almost all consumers.

Speak to your customers directly

When it comes to internet marketing, real connections make a difference. This is why the GMB Messages tool comes handy. As much as your contact information is included in your GMB account, nothing beats a personal message to your customers.

This is intended to increase customer engagement. Over time, this will increase your conversion and bottom line. Make sure that you activate this feature so you can connect with your leads and repeat customers.

Aside from that, the GMB Message tool is a great platform to send holiday greetings and nudges for customer reviews.


Your GMB account is a crucial tool for your business. Always make the most out of it through simple hacks, as we discussed here.