5 reasons you should invest in internet marketing

Today, we are living in a digital age and there is a whole new market for your products and services. Traditional methods of marketing like TV ads are no longer the norm to effectively reach out your potential customers. Internet marketing is already becoming the gold standard in marketing and there are plenty of reasons why you need to invest in this new and growing movement.

1.) Customers are going online

Today, nearly 90% of adults in the North American regions are online and they are not just accessing the internet for entertainment. 97% of these online users are using the internet for local shopping. So if you think that customers can’t be found on the world wide web, think again. And if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity right in front of you, you are potentially losing a lot of money from your competition who are already riding the internet marketing bandwagon.

2.) You can measure everything

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can measure everything. While not every interaction in Facebook, or every response in your email or blog post will translate into a viable business, you will always know where you got things wrong, where you miss out and the potential opportunities that you can maximize. Because when your online marketing strategies turn into leads and your leads become buyers, you will know for sure what things you did right.

3.) Your competitors are doing it now

Chances are, some of your competitors already know the potential of internet marketing and if you are not going to invest in this field right away, it would be too late for you to catch with the rest of your competition. If they still aren’t, then this would be a great moment for you to get ahead of everyone else and enjoy a significant advantage. What’s more, going online will also give you the ability to see what the rest of the competition is doing.

4.) Everyone is equal

With traditional marketing, small and medium-size companies have no chance at beating big and already established brands who have almost unlimited resources at their disposal. They can simply pour tons of money on TV, radio, and newspaper ads and hire an army of sales representatives to squash the rest of the would-be competitors like little bugs. With online marketing, the competition is relatively equal making it possible for your company to rise from the bowels of obscurity towards total online dominance and authority. Besides, companies, whether big or small, can have equal access to social media marketing, email marketing, website and content marketing, and nothing is stopping you from toppling your competition.

5.) Impressive ROI

Modern business is without a doubt costly. If you are a small business, it would be difficult for you to source out the necessary capital to keep up with global brands that have significant resources dedicated to generating visibility and traffic. Fortunately, we are now living in a digital age where digital marketing has leveled the field for small business to thrive. For instance, video, which is now becoming a vital part of internet marketing, is cost-effective and easy to launch. Many of today’s internet marketing techniques and strategies are cheap, and you don’t need to have a sizeable budget to compete with the big boys.