6 YouTube SEO Pointers to Get More Views (Part 2)

We all know that YouTube is a dynamic search engine that features video content and how it observes the SEO methods. In part 1, I discussed two of the important guide to gain a bigger traffic, which are adding descriptions and timestamps.

Today, I shall continue to discuss 2 more methods to optimize YouTube content. Also, I will share tips in increasing engagements on YouTube.

  1. Title and keywords
  • Now, YouTube allows clickable keywords. If you add certain keywords, viewers can easily click them on the video description. This will help you in ranking for keywords. As long as your titles are interesting, then your increasing the chances of developing your SEO.

A YouTube video with transcripts and closed captions

  1. Video transcripts
  • It is the text version of the words used in your video. So, when you upload your video without the transcript, YouTube will have to guess what it is all about. Google can only see tags, keywords, and descriptions. So, it will be a waste of money, time, and effort to come up with a brilliant video that no search engine can understand.
  • Video transcripts makes your videos reachable. It allows the search engines to grasp the content of the video. Thus, making crawling your content simpler. Just search for tools you can use. For sure, there many choices out there to do your video transcripts.


The game is not just numbers, it is engagement! No matter how many views get if your viewers do not engage with your videos, then it doesn’t help your SEO ranking. How the users react to your video is crucial on how the search engines will gauge your video content.

These are the benchmarks you should observe:

  1. Watch time – If your viewers spent time viewing your video, it tells you that they like what you have uploaded. Meaning, it gave them satisfaction because they watched the video from start to finish.
  2. Comments, Likes, and shares – Find out the likes, the shares, and the comments. It is easy to like a video or a content but to comment and share it to others means a lot more. It could bring more viewers to your videos. So, go ahead and ask your viewers to share.
  3. Subscribers after watching a video – When people start subscribing to your channel, it’s a good sign. Of course, if a lot of people subscribe to your channel, you are becoming famous. It also tells you that what you are showing are engaging and interesting that people are asking for more of your videos. You have now reached a certain dependability that people can trust.
  1. CTR – If you videos had only a few clicks, this means that it is not interesting to your audience. It could be your content, thumbnail, or title. To improve click-through rates, enhance these 3 factors. Just a reminder: do not make a title or thumbnail that will deceive your viewers because you may gets clicks. However, in the future, people won’t trust what you say anymore. They won’t bother clicking any of your videos.


A great way to learn YouTube SEO is from looking at popular channels and videos. Look for topics that are compatible to your channel. Lastly, study what the other channels are doing to their thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.