6 YouTube SEO Pointers to Get More Views (Part 1)

More than just a social media platform, YouTube is a dynamic search engine that features video content. Do you want to know how to use this for your SEO?

An astounding 1.9 billion of users access YouTube every single month, which means people would spend hours on YouTube! This is a platform that gives a huge chance for content creators to widen their usual target audience.

Search optimization is not exclusively just for text content. YouTube also observes the SEO methods as well and you should be able to catch up with the important ones that can help boost your ranking. But then, how do you do it?

Youtube home screen on a laptop

Here is an important guide to gain a bigger traffic and enhance the ranking of your SEO:

Keyword Research

  • Good content is awesome, but if you don’t have new visitors to watch them, it will do you no good. The answer here is keyword research. It can assist you to know the perfect words to illustrate your content.
  • Keyword research can make it simpler for the audience to find your content. It also aid the search engines to find the right content from the search queries. Likewise, it can find content possibilities.
  • An easy way to do keyword research is to check YouTube search bar. Once you type any keyword, YouTube will suggest to you the most typed keywords.
  • You can also utilize online tools for your research. If you are interested, I’ve listed some keyword tools here.
  • Additionally, YouTube is making a huge effort in deciphering your videos. So, if you want YouTube to know your target keywords, cite them on your videos. This will let YouTube know that this keyword plays a crucial role.

 Just to summarize:

  1. Do a Google search to know to get keyword ideas.
  2. Utilize the YouTube search function to discover top keywords.
  3. Utilize SEO tools for other keyword options.
  4. Mention the keywords on your video.

Content optimization

There are various ways to optimize your content and enhance it as well. Here are a few of the suggestions:

  1. Provide a description

  • Your video description will expedite the search. When you use a long illustration, it adds to the extra context to the video. It tells the viewers what you are going to show.
  • Think of your video descriptions as the start of the topic. You will put an intro, and then, you can even add supplementary details. This helps the viewers to know some important details without the need to replay your videos over and over.
  1. Add Timestamps

  • YouTube supports timestamps, meaning a viewer can specifically jump to a time frame. Skipping the unnecessary content and going directly to the main point. It really helps in making the video viewing uncomplicated.
  • So, add timestamps on the video description section, and your viewers can effortlessly move to a specific time frame. For example, when you type say 3:00, the link will allow viewers to go directly to the 3 minute mark. If videos have timestamps in the description, for sure, it helps in achieving a great user experience.

More YouTube SEO tips will be discussed on 6 YouTube SEO Pointers to Get More Views (Part 2)