7 Unique Search Engines Your Business Should Be In

For years, Google has dominated the internet. As the largest search engine, website owners are always racing to gain the top spot on the SERPs. Aside from that, the likes of Bing and Yahoo are also the major search engines that website owners optimize their sites. But aside from the big three, there are other websites that you should know for your business.

The following options are search engines with a cause that you can consider as alternatives for social good:


Ekoru is a search engine that aims to promote renewable sources of energy. Also, it’s focused on supporting various civil rights stands. Currently, this search engine is available in New Zealand, Australia, U.S., Canada, U.K., and France.

The good thing about Ekoru is it doesn’t store search data. It also has high-regard to privacy.


As its name suggests, GiveWater is dedicated to funding organizations that help give better access to clean water. This search engine has partner charities where they pour a large portion of their revenue.

GiveWater earns profits through paid ads. When a user clicks a paid ad, they will generate revenue, which they will donate to charitable institutions.


Ecosia is a German-based search engine with searches powered by Microsoft. It was founded about 10 years ago and focused on generating profits for their tree-planting campaign. So far, Ecosia has planted over 78 million trees all over the world through its partner organizations. Aside from that, Ecosia is powered by its own solar power energy plant, making its operation sustainable.


Givero is a search engine that supports a wide range of causes. Unlike the previous search engines, Givero gives its users the freedom to choose which cause they want to help. Through this, they donate 50% of all their profits. Such charities range from animal welfare, children’s welfare, and environmental care.

Aside from that, Givero doesn’t save any search data of its users.


Lilo is a search engine that funds social and environmental causes through its search revenue. So far, they have already donated as much as $2.5 million to charity.

The good thing about Lilo is it allows its users to choose a charity they want to help through the waterdrop system. A searcher receives a waterdrop for searches done. This can be donated to charities which Lilo will fund.

Elliot for Water

Like GiveWater, Elliot for Water is poised to sustain efforts for better access to potable water. Also, they give about 60% of all their profits to charity. The main goal of this search engine is to reduce unclean water-related casualties all over the world. That’s aside from their support of solar technology.


Everyclick has an affiliate model that works for over 4,400 online stores worldwide. The commissions they earn from search are what they donate to charity.

Currently, they have a Bing-based search as well as the Give As You Live tool that launched back in 2010. They also support various causes and donate a large portion of their income to charity.