7 User Engagement Tips and Why User Engagement is Important for SEO

Engaging with the user makes sure that people go to your website and thus, it will have a higher probability that your search engine rankings will improve. This is because the main objective is to give the users the answers to their pressing concerns. If you don’t provide relevant solutions, then, Google will surely cut you out from the top results. You will then be replaced with another website that does the job.

group of people with mood bubbles.

the input of users matters.

Below are the strategic means to build up engagement that you can use to boost your user engagements:

  1. Accelerate your website speed plus make it more receptive.
  • A slow landing page will lose potential buyers and a good 25% will go find another site where the landing page is fast enough.
  • People will stay in your site longer if they can look around for their concern. For as long as they think their time is not being wasted by waiting for whatever device they are using, there is a possibility of a conversion.
  1. Get rid of simple technical SEO errors.
  • When technical problems occur, it affects the users would-be wonderful to disturbing experience.
  • When this happens, there will be traffic lost and possible conversion will no longer be possible. You just lost your chance to sell!
  1. Provide your users various multimedia content.
  • Remember, people learn in different ways. Some people understands quickly through visual means, some finds auditory easier, or others sensory. Make use of video with text transcription or record your blog post so people can just listen instead of reading it.
  • If you can, try to use other forms. Go with infographic or any visual that represents the data like graphics or a chart.
  • Combine content forms and see how things change in your site.
  1. Come up with useful content.
  • Do not just write. Write what is useful for your users. You have to try to make life easier for people. Think of creating content that tells about the how to, tool tips maybe, or whatever that is useful and more current. When users learn how you can respond to their queries or needs, they will keep on going back to your site.
  1. Tidy up your website design and your website navigation
  • As your business progresses, you become a source of current information. Always remember to ask someone you know to help you check your website design and navigation. If they experience difficulties, it is time to tidy up and make it easier for the users.
  1. Suggest related post and link other blog post.
  • Make sure that you assist people to find what they are looking for in your website. The perfect ways to do this is by linking other posts that are related to what you are writing.
  • Each time you say something that you have done before, link to it right away. Classify and tag your posts. This way, you can mention to your visitors somewhat similar topic after they have finished reading.
  1. Make site search option available.
  • Make sure that you can answer all the needs of the users, otherwise, they will look for it somewhere else, thus, leaving your site in a hurry! This tells you that you should have a clear search option so that users can find what they want in your website. Hence, you can use your site search data to create more content that your users want.