8 Ways to Prepare Your Website for 2020

As the year 2020 approaches, website owners aren’t just busy preparing for the holidays. They are also busy prepping their website for the new decade. Some are placing new strategies to boost their rankings while others are fixing technical problems.

Whatever you’re planning to do before the year ends, make sure that you include these eight tasks to your to-do list:

Site audit

A site audit will give you a clear image of where your website stands. This will reveal various problems: from technical issues to on-page SEO problems. By diagnosing the problems, you can fix it before another year starts. Always fix technical issues first dealing with less urgent problems like on-page SEO and the likes.

Competitive analysis

Aside from spending your time scouring your website for problems, you should also peek on what your competitors are doing. Conduct a competitive analysis to see how your competitors are doing in terms of traffic, search, and click-through rates.

The aim here isn’t to copy your competitors. What you need is to do better than them.

Privacy policy update

If you haven’t touched your website’s privacy policy for years, this is a perfect time get it updated. The GDPR updates have rocked the web last year and it’s best to check yours before penalties flood in. Also, updating your privacy policy will ensure that it corresponds well to the needs of your visitors.

CTA clearing

Call to actions that have expired should be removed before the year ends. Although expired links won’t affect your rankings, it may confuse your visitors. So if some of your CTAs have already been expired, it’s best to remove it right away. Replace it with new ones so your website will also be updated.

Video content production

About 80% of internet search is video content. This is seen to increase by 2020. So to make sure that your website will be prepared for this, focus on creating more personalized video content.  Take note that internet users are seeking visual content. With videos, you can satisfy this while boosting your brand.

Ditching Flash

Flash Player is set to be shut down by 2020. So if your website is still using this application, it’s time to switch to a more updated technology like HTML5. This way, your website will remain functional once Adobe closed Flash. Also, it’s best to create videos instead of pure animations alone.

Content planning

The best time to perform content planning is before the year starts. This way, you are all set once the New Year starts. Make sure that your editorial calendar has been updated. You can also spy on your competitors to see where you can do better in terms of content.

Customer concerns 

Most of all, you should give time to address customer concerns. It could be a problem with your service or how they access your website. Find solutions to complaints and brainstorm how you can improve the navigability of your website. You don’t have to perform a major revamp right away. Small changes done regularly over time can make a big difference.