9 Tips to Prevent Online Fraud

bank, banking, businessOnline businesses use websites as their trading ground.

It is the most rapid way to get in touch with clients. But you have to watch out for those fraudsters, who are studying how they can pull a fast one on you. These people might sell you something that does not exist or sell something that has no quality. They can also ask details of your identity or your financial information to scam you. Be careful in clicking different links because they might provide a website that looks real just to get your payment details. Always check the authenticity of the website you visit.

If you are the seller, buyers may not pay right away. There are various reasons like the payment cannot be sent immediately, but the buyer wants the items delivered and expect payment later. They may not pay you.

Save yourself from complications. Here are tips to help you:

  • Scammers will set dummy sites. Because they are familiar with the authentic sites, they can add some things, a different spelling or a word. Check the web address to know if they are real.
  • Do not click any links or use a money transfer mode when you want to pay on an auction site. Use Paypal or other similar services that can protect your money.
  • It is wise to know the dispute resolution, terms and conditions of the auction sites before transacting.
  • One of the famous scheme of fraudsters is opening a credible account like eBay. They would buy things to get great feedback, hence, they get positive feedback scores. Smart, right? Be smarter, go and check the seller’s profile and know the true comments from actual buyers. If they don’t have it, you are their target!
  • You need photos to know if the product is for real. Do your research and check Google to know if there is a cut and paste routine. Once you confirmed it, that is warning sign.
  • Very little details? Do not hesitate to ask for pictures that will set the scammer to give you pictures, which you can check later.
  • Bargain price? A lot of fraudster uses this bargain tactic using a good online platform like Gumtree or eBay just to appear reliable. The reality is: it is a fake item or the product does not exist. If you have sent your money, say goodbye to it.
  • No contact number? Sometimes, if not, fraudsters put a number that you cannot contact. Stop right away and do not transact with them.
  • You are asked to communicate outside the official system like using mobile phone or email? Why, when there is an official platform to contact each other.

If these instances happen to you…

Take note of these tips before you buy anything online. To be sure, purchase items at the brand’s official website and avoid transacting with shops in social media. If you buy from other people, you cannot be certain of their quality and authenticity. If you have been scammed, call the right authorities. If you are in the UK area, you can call the Action Fraud helpline 0300 123 2040.