Scottsdale Web Design – A Weekly Strategy for Small Business

In SEO, there are many schemes and data that are merely noises. If you don’t mind these things, you will find out that SEO needs only the little things.

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For starters, you can build a weekly strategy. Here are things you could do:

  1. Create at least two blog posts.

Content is the SEO performance stimulus. You can optimize your site as much as you like, but if you don’t have content, the search terms will not continually rank.

Many companies think that they have to post one blog each day. It seems like a good idea, but it could be frustrating. This could give you superficial blog posts with a lot of mistakes. Focusing on producing two blog posts weekly is easier. Without you noticing, you actually have enough content to boost your SEO strategy.

  1. Do some guest post too!

Aside from creating content on your own website, you likewise need to devote some time in posting on other people’s website. Guest blogging once in a while can promote your website. The advantages are:

  • Building your website’s backlinks.
  • Spreading awareness of your brand.
  • Brand affiliation with the top players on the industry.
  • Establishing your own brand.
  • Bringing in traffic and leads.
  • Creating buzz on social media.
  1. Interact with digital influencers.

You have to know who the biggest influencers in your circle are. Set an objective and engage with an influencer a day. Some of these experiences are going to be short while others need more time.

It could be as simple as commenting on the influencer’s blog post to joining a convention together, you could try and reach out to these people. Over time, you will have a growing network and your relationship will be growing along with it.

Before you know it, these influencers will begin to naming you, connecting to your site, and providing chances for you to expand your network.

  1. Take time to analyze your Google Analytics data.

It is a smart move to devote at least an hour with Google Analytics. Spend a few minutes every Monday, and then, check again by Saturday. This will allow you see any changes and look through any vital patterns you have noticed. Applying SEO strategies are useless if you do not take time to analyze what’s happening to your website.

  1. Make changes to your website.

Since you already have an idea after examining your site’s analytics, you can now have time to make whatever optimizations necessary. For instance:

  • Take the time to make things faster if you notice that your loading is slow than the normal speed.
  • Maybe, you failed to rank for certain keyword, or you found opportunities to rank for other keywords. Take the chance to insert new keywords and ideas to increase your ranking.
  • Is your product page effective in converting visitors into buyers? If so, duplicate it and utilize the same template on the pages with low conversion rates.

An hour a week will continuously refine and enhance your site so it will serve its purpose efficiently. 

  1. Know the latest SEO industry news.

You just don’t keep on creating, but you also have to be reading. What’s a few minutes of daily reading, right? This will keep you abreast on what’s going on in the SEO industry.

SEO ain’t so complicated

This blog post was able to demonstrate how easy SEO truly is. Simply spending time each day can give you the edge you need to be part of this never-ending SEO race. Try to apply these basic tips and see where it leads you. A complex plan isn’t always the better choice. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.