Some of the Best Link Building Techniques to Use in 2020

Link building is one of the basic tenets of good SERP ranking. So if you’re focusing on this SEO aspect for this year, the following techniques are the best to use. Each one offers a unique way to earn backlinks and other linking benefits for your website.

Linking through guest posts

Although it’s quite time-consuming and difficult to perform, linking through guest posts is probably the most efficient method you can use. This can attract readers without being too salesy and forceful of your efforts.

Make sure that you write for your readers, not just the search engine. Also, proofread your work and make sure that it’s grammatically sound. If you’re running out of ideas, and UberSuggest are some of the tools you can use to generate keywords and topics.

Educational content

Educational content like “how-tos” are the widely searched queries over the web. It provides immediate and free information to your readers. Also, website owners who find your content relevant to their pages will likely link back.

One word of warning: this tactic is as time-consuming as the first. But it can be really effective.

Internal linking

Aside from getting external backlinks, you should also link within your pages. This way, you can spread out the traffic of your top-performing pages. Also, it helps your site visitors navigate through your website.

Don’t go crazy with internal links, however. A few links per page can be enough to have a big impact on your rankings. Too many links could actually be detrimental to your efforts.

Offer an affiliate program

If you want to gather as many backlinks any website can muster, an affiliate program would be an unbeatable option. This isn’t as time-consuming as other techniques, but it yields the highest possible returns.

It takes a little bit of upfront work, however. You’ll need to create a commission structure, a marketing strategy and a management system. You’ll also need to recruit affiliates, too.

Private Blog Networks (PBN)

PBNs have been around for a long time and there’s quite a long-standing argument about their legality in the eyes of Google. Basically, Google bans PBNs so you have to be cautious when using this tactic. You have to keep your PBN links as natural as possible so the search engine won’t flag it as suspicious. Also, PBNs are quite time-consuming. You have to purchase a domain and hosting service, not to mention writing the blog entries.

Offer a free tool

Have you ever wondered why some websites will offer a free tool instead of asking for a fee? Well, a free tool is actually a tried and tested goldmine of backlinks.

This will give you high-quality traffic as well as solid backlinks.

Be a guest on a podcast

Lastly, consider becoming a guest on a relevant podcast. Audio content is much easier to digest than written content. So from time to time, try to get into a podcast or start a podcast of your own. Just make sure that the content is engaging and worthy of your followers’ time. Above all, make sure that your host links back to your website in their show notes.