Scottsdale Web Design – Bing Updates its Link Penalties

Bing made the public know about its most recent link penalties. This is to pay more attention to knock off private blog networks or PBNs, devious cross-site linking, and subdomain rentals.

Inorganic Website Structure

As for an inorganic site structure, it is uses internal links for the subdomains and cross-site linkins for external domains in order to skillfully maneuver or influence the search engine rankings.

Though these spam capabilities has been around for a long time, Bing presented the idea of calling them “inorganic site structure” for the purpose of characterizing them. Bing also stated that sites permissibly established subdomains to keep the various parts of the website split up. For example, is regarded as under the main domain, categorizing them as signals on a subdomain level.

Additionally, Bing also stated that there are services like WordPress, and other related hosting sites, make websites through subdomains.

What constitutes inorganic website structure?

When a company rents a subdomain to control search engines to enhance ranking, it is called inorganic site structure. Hence, private blog networks are considered as inorganic site structure. According to SEO Round Table, private network blogs, doorways pages, duplicate content are some of the examples.

Domain Boundaries

Bing presented the concept of domain boundaries. Now and then, legitimate subdomains like the boundaries stretches to the subdomain. In the case of, it does not.

Private blog networks is considered by Bing as a type of spam that violates site boundaries. Though not all link networks distort site boundaries, there are instances when it happens.

Subdomain Rental Penalties

Bing clarifies why subdomain rental is considered to be a spammy operation.

Truthfully, Bing heard what the SEO community has been very anxious regarding the hosting of third-party content or allowing a third party to perform an appointed subdomain or subfolder. Usually, the reason is remuneration. It is like purchasing ranking signals, which is likewise the same as purchasing links.

Therefore, if Bing is giving out penalties, Bing has a lot of updating to do. On the other hand, if you think you were not fairly penalized, the first thing to do is to contact Bing Webmaster Support. Then, submit a reconsideration request. Once you write your appeal, please give specific details. Of course, Bing will decide and for sure, your input will be valuable for them in updating their guidelines.

Cross-Site Linking

Bing indicated that a site that is separated into numerous interlinking sites. Moreover, such websites are breaking other link spam regulations, and this would mean extra penalties. To be honest, these have been happening since it was called interlinked websites.  Typically, they are sectionally connected with each other.

So, if you are thinking of a fresh web enterprise, it is a great idea to build a website that is extensive as against building a horde of sites that centers on just a little piece of the industry.


To be honest, it’s great to see that Bing is gradually progressing. Likewise, it is good to know that search engines may be rivals, but they also help each other improve.

Now that Bing is welcoming new developments, it’s a positive news for users because they have more and more options aside from Google. Hence, people can now rely on other search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo.


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