Scottsdale Web Design – 2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the SEO Industry (Part 1)

Are you looking forward for 2020? This is the best month for SEO experts to take a look on what’s to come.  Everyone should start thinking on what SEO approach can assist and control SERPs in 2020.

Below,  I have listed 5  SEO trends that came from experts and professionals that you should definitely know about.

  1. BERT and User-Centered Improvements

This year, the start-up of Google’s latest BERT algorithm gained so much interest. Hence, every single SEO expert would like to know how to enhance for BERT.

Users need better alternatives to search for their concerns. SEO should know the basic principles of clean architecture and how content should be delivered. Next year, experts should talk with customers to know their expectations from them.

More on BERT:

  1. Top-Quality Content

There is one important thing which is the bloodstream of SEO, and that is content!

It influences all areas of SEO from the website structure and internal linking approach to the kinds of links you develop. In 2020, create a content that is both pertinent and beneficial. Come up with good content or hire someone who can. See: How to Choose an Exceptional SEO Writer?

Two strategist also added that in 2020 SEO experts should not be fixated with keywords. Another also mentioned about giving more attention to contents.

  1. E-A-T and its Benefits

Again, Google in 2020 will go on looking at the general standing and the E-A-T of a specific enterprise and persons who published the content for the firm. Hence those businesses that had a bad standing or problem with trust will struggle more.  The bottom line is: trust will be very vital for publishers next year.

More on E-A-T:

  1. Technical SEO

The largest trend next year is user experience. This consists of the whole journey from the first communication in the SERPs, the entire landing page encounter, and that includes encounter after they left your site.  You should always reflect on assisting your users to have a wonderful journey at the same time thinking of the value you can give to your audience while they are in your site. It is, after all the principal piece of the user experience dialogue. Having said that, you should not forget about the site and page speed.

More tips on optimizing speed:

  1. The Mobile Sector

For you to stay alive in 2020, you should correct your mobile website. This means you have to put mobile as your primary concern, and then, you need to make it agreeable to your desktop. This way the websites does not have to be improved for speed subsequent to its’ unveiling. You just have to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized since a lot of users will be looking at your site mostly using the mobile. See: 7 Crucial Assets of a Great Website


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