Where to Find Reliable Product Reviews?

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Do people read reviews before they shop online?

Product reviews has this powerful impact on consumers.

People, who love to shop, depend on it before deciding on purchasing anything. But, of course, there are doubts. Some people see positive reviews as fake or it is something orchestrated by the business owners or sellers themselves. The negative reviews can either be from an angry person who has biased opinion on the business, or it can be from an irate employee, or even a rival business.

Reviews are tough to gauge at times, and we should be  careful of fake reviews. We would not want to get a product that is disappointing and far from the raving reviews.

Here are the reliable product review websites:

  • CNet –  is a web division of CBS Interactive and it provides a wide-ranged in product reviews. It features software, web hosting, technology, and electronics. CNet is a popular website that features both user and editor reviews on the new products in the market.
  • Epinions – features millions of product reviews and categorizes the products by labeling it as the “Top Reviewer”. It is a review service of Shopping.com.
  • ConsumerSearch – is well-known for its easy navigation and website design. The access is simple and the products categorized and well-organized. They have a wide-range of products from computers, food, home, garden, and kitchen. The service comes from About.com.
  • TestFreaks – is a website that shows all reviews for the latest gadgets and electronics. Both the Swedish and US website were launched in 2007. The visitors of the site are free to browse 30 million reviews and to give their own reviews.
  • MouthShut – does reviews of general products and the site provides buying guides. If you are a first time, it guide you through the process. It features cars, electronic appliances, and distinct products like websites, schools and credit cards.
  • Trusted Reviews –  it has a complete categories of products and has video reviews as well. Editorial reviews dominates the content. It compares the cost and the specification of the different product models.
  • ReviewCentre.com – it is one of the top ten review websites because of its category cloud and it offers wide variety of categories from Travel and Leisure to Transportation. The website is simple to navigate and you can easily browse through the reviews.
  • Buzzillions – has officially retired, but the good part is that you can still research all the same products and services and read reviews at viewpoints.com. The website has about 5 million posted reviews from all over the world.

Hold on to your purse.

Check out these websites for you to make the right decision. They will help you see the advantages and disadvantages, the negatives and the positives of the products or service you need. If you still have doubts, go and checkout ConsumerReports.Org. They are a nonprofit organization that puts the consumers’ needs first to attain a fairer and safer online community. They are unconstrained by advertising and commercial influences, and they guarantee you that they are dedicated to their pro-consumer commitment.