The Basics of Twitter

Twitter on a Web Browser

Your Ultimate Twitter Guide!

It happens on Twitter.

Want to know more about the latest in entertainment, sports, politics, and pop culture? Twitter will help you with that.

On Twitter, you can follow various brands and it gives you access to what’s going on in your industry. Whether it is food, bags, cosmetics, or books, people often talk about the products they use on Twitter. Do not miss out on this pool of potential clients. It is time to learn about Twitter and its terminologies.

  • Tweet – is what you call your Twitter update. A tweet can contain 140 characters and you can also include images, links, videos, and GIFs.
    Tip#1: Your followers would appreciate it if you make your tweets personal and relatable. They will trust you if you are open and approachable.

  • Reply – Click reply to respond to a Tweet. Replying means you are interested in talking and reaching out. To reply, you just simply type @ and add the person’s Twitter handle.
    Tip#1: Anyone can reply to your Tweets. Make sure to always refresh your Notifications tab in order to see the newest replies.

  • Mention – Mentions are similar to replies. You can bring a Tweet to another user’s attention by mentioning them. Just include @ and their username to your question, to your thank you note, or to a specific Tweet.
  • Like – When you appreciate a Tweet, you can like it. The author would know that many positively acknowledged a Tweet and would probably make more similar Tweets.
    Tip#1: The Like function is also a great bookmarking tool. You can easily find a Tweet again once you click that Like button.
  • Hashtag – A hashtag is a keyword or phrase related to a certain topic. You will know that a set of words is a hashtag because it starts with a # sign and there are no spaces in between. Know more about hashtags and more Twitter tricks here.
    Tip#1: If you click a particular hashtag, you will be able to see other Tweets containing the same hashtag. This function is useful for group chats. It is easier to interact and talk about a certain topic.